Aliexpress Product Suggestion - Sell This Awesome Travel Neck Pillow + Targeting Suggestions, Selling Strategy & More
Aliexpress Product Suggestion - Sell This Awesome Travel Neck Pillow + Targeting Suggestions, Selling Strategy & More

Another week and another awesome product recommendation from Aliexpress!

This time I decided to focus on the more trending products right now on Aliexpress, which are the Travel products. As you already know, COVID-19 is slowly backing down and countries such as Israel, UK, and other European countries already managed to suppress the virus.

People are getting their lives back, most of us are called back to the office again, and we can expect this Summer to be almost as normal as it was before the pandemic. This is why I think that selling Travel products right now is the right thing to do.

People can’t wait to finally travel and get their nice vacations back, and if you offer them some cool travel products, it’s definitely a guaranteed sale for you. All you need is the right travel product, a good ad, targeting, and you’re good to go!

Fortunately for you, you won’t need to look for a product because I had already found 2 amazing products you can sell. On top of that, you will also receive targeting suggestions, selling strategy, and some extra awesome tips.



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1. The Product

This neck support pillow isn’t something new in the market and other variations of the same product have been sold before. The reason I recommend you this product is because the whole Travel product industry is trending right now on Aliexpress and you can easily sell old products if you market them correctly.

(When I searched for travel products 1-2 years ago, I honestly didn’t find this product you see right here so maybe this version is pretty new.)

So this product isn’t something new or revolutionary but I still decided to stop on it and recommend it for you – Here are my reasons:

1. The Travel niche is trending – As I already said, the whole Travel niche is trending right now and now’s the right time to find your winning Travel product and make some bank.

2. Easy to target – Facebook has a few really good interests we can use to find EXACTLY the people we need. Other niches require a lot more tests to find the right audience so this one is going to save us some money on tests.

3. Lots of products to choose from – Last but not least is the amount of products available for us to dropship. Even if this one product doesn’t do well, you can quickly pick up a different product from Aliexpress and try it again. Who knows… Maybe you’ll find a much better product from what I recommend here 😉

By the way, here are 2 more products I think can sell really well:

This neck pillow with a phone holder:

And a different version of the one above, suited more for children:

This could sell really well as Travel accessories for both parents and children, and there are plenty more products on Aliexpress. When we get to the targeting suggestions, I will make sure to show you targeting options for all the pillows above.


2. Selling Strategy

In the Aliexpress sale page, this product is priced at $24.99 without shipping which makes it quite expensive. In my opinion, this one sellers is trying to profit from dropshippers so I suggest finding a different supplier. If you can’t find a different supplier, consider trying services such as CJ or Yakkyofy where they can source the same product for probably a cheaper price and better shipping options.

This looks like a quality products so I believe you can try and sell it for $49.99 + Free Shipping. If you go lower than that(at $25 base cost), there won’t be too much room for profit so make sure you have it all figured out before you launch this product. You can always search for a similar product and maybe find a much better deal.

The two pillows with a phone holder are priced somewhere from $19.99 to $22.99. The children’s one has an additional shipping fee and the regular one has a free shipping option – Both can easily sell for $49.99 or even $54.99 + Free Shipping.


Offer quantity discounts to increase your average order value:

The price we see is for only one piece and it’s possible that people will be looking to buy 2 pieces or more(Family vacations). Offer quantity discounts to get more from your customers – A 10% discount for 2 pieces is a fair deal.

I suggest keeping it clean and not offering any bundles – Keep your customers focus on the product you’re selling to close the deal as fast as possible.

Later, you can find plenty of other products to offer and you can use retargeting ads or email marketing to sell more to your already existing customers. Keep your page clean, offer quantity discounts, and that’s it.


3. Targeting

Targeting is pretty simple for this niche – You can use interests such as Frequent Travelers and get exactly those who travel quite often OR use a few leisure interests and find even more relevant people who will buy your product.

I suggest using the Frequent Travelers and the Frequent International Travelers first, you can mix them up into 2 adsets, and playing a bit with the ages and genders. Mix it up and you have 4-5 good test adsets.

Here’s another targeting suggestion using the regular interests:

Lots of interests you can use – You can layer it down like you see in the picture above or use one single interest per adset. Both options should work really well with the right product and a good ad.

Don’t forget about companies such as Booking & Trivago which can be targeted on Facebook and have pretty big audiences. People use these companies to book their hotels and flights and they’ll be looking to buy one of your pillows.

If you’re looking to test the children’s travel pillow, the targeting is even simpler:

All you have to do is to add an additional layer where you make sure only parents with small children see your ad. It’s a really nice pillow to keep kids busy and more comfortable during flights and even in a car ride so I suggest testing this product as well.

Let me know if you have better targeting suggestions in the comments 🙂


To Sum It Up:

The Travel niche is on FIRE right now and people can’t wait to get out of their homes and finally have a nice family vacation. Don’t miss your chance and test at least one of the recommended products in this article.

Don’t waste time and be one of the first ones to jump on this niche before all the other dropshippers join the party!

Good luck!


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