This Product Is Going To Make You Rich In 2024
This Product Is Going To Make You Rich In 2024

It’s everywhere… No matter where you look, you will find someone making content using a smartphone. From teenagers filming a cringe TikTok dance to a small business owner that needs to film a quick video update for his customers.

And let’s not forget Youtube where you can earn huge amounts of money and which attracts more and more people to try their luck and become famous Youtubers.

Now all these people have at least one thing in common – They need the equipment to make it work.

So for this week’s article, I have found the perfect winning product that this “vlogger” type of audience will be buying like crazy. With the right ad and the right targeting, you’re looking at a 5-figure monthly income from this product alone!

And as always, you’ll get a full ad & store review where I am going to give you some really valuable tips which will help you make more sales and also avoid mistakes that will hurt your sales.

Don’t miss out on this crazy product and start selling it right now!

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The Product

5 in 1 Vlogging Kit

This week’s Winning Product is this 5 in 1 Vlogging Kit and it’s doing some crazy numbers of Facebook right now. With 750k+ views and over 6k likes and 600 comments, this product is definitely a winner!

And even without the whole engagement, this product gives so much value to vloggers and amateur creators that selling it should be a no-brainer for us Dropshippers.

It is a known fact that video production equipment isn’t cheap so if you can get something like the kit above for a decent price, then there’s no chance the right audience will skip it.

And we get this kit for a pretty cheap price on Aliexpress which means we can price it up and get ourselves a nice profit + not scare away potential customers due to a high retail price.

So you should definitely jump on this product and start selling it now!

The Ad

5 in 1 Vlogging Kit Facebook ad

As I expected, the ad is a TikTok style video (just without the TikTok video dimensions) ad where it’s just a showcase of the product with some generic music.

There’s no text description, no call-to-action text at the end of the video, the quality isn’t great, and it looks like the whole video was edited in less than 5 minutes.

And even with all that, this video ad was able to draw so many people who are interested in this product and get the original Dropshipper some good sales.

This just shows how powerful this product really is… And if you put some effort into creating a normal video ad then you’ll get much better results.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Get better quality videos of this 5-in-1 Vlogging Kit before creating your ad creatives. I don’t recommend running video ads at 540p quality because it simply looks terrible. Either find better quality footage or make your own.
  2. Add text descriptions and just write about the features of this product, what they get, the benefits, etc.
  3. Add a call-to-action text at the end of the video inviting people to click on the link in your ad to get this product. Include a few words on your current discount for this product (like “50% OFF + Free Shipping”, “Free Shipping for the first 50 customers”, etc).
  4. Find a better suited soundtrack for your video ad. The one this seller is using is crazy boring…
  5. If you have the time – Find someone to video review this product for you and include that review into your ad. This works really well and produces much more clicks than the average video ad.

Ad copy:

 5-in-1 Vlogging Kit Facebook ad copy

The ad copy looks like it was made using ChatGPT and I don’t like it that much. It’s not that bad but I prefer sticking to what works for me and for other for years now.

The first line of the ad copy should be a short sentence that explains what this product does and its benefits. You can easily summarize it with the help of ChatGPT.

The second line is the call-to-action which leads to your store.

And the third line can have a few more words about the product or include your current deal for it.

Add an emoji or two to this Ad copy and you’re good to go 😉

The Store

 5-in-1 Vlogging Kit Shopify store

The store is a bit of a mess and it makes me sad seeing this… The original Dropshipper is definitely getting sales but a lot of money is being lost due to stupid mistakes.

Pay attention to what I’m going to show you here because it will save you a lot of money in the future.

Mistake #1 – The Scarcity is a mess!

Shopify scacity

From broken English to one of the worst fake stock counters I have ever seen, it feels like the seller was drunk while adding these scarcity features to his store.

I can tell you right now that this does absolutely nothing and doesn’t increase the store’s conversion rate at all. All it does is damage and it probably drove some customers away and made him lose money.

Scarcity is a great way to increase your store’s conversion rate but it should be tested over time to see if it increases your sales.

For example: If you’re already getting sales then you can try adding a single timer to see if it helps you get even more sales for the same cost. If it works then you keep it, and if it doesn’t then it should go and you can try something different.

Also make sure to be a bit more realistic with your numbers, especially with “live viewers” and “monthly sold” numbers. I’ve seen some crazy numbers pulled by beginner Dropshippers that look absolutely ridiculous. Numbers that are higher than what you see on popular Etsy products.

Mistake #2 – Unnecessary discounts

quantity discounts Shopify

Having quantity discounts on your online store is a great way to increase your AOV. You tempt your customers to buy more than one piece by giving them an extra discount.

But this doesn’t mean that you should have a quantity discount or some random bundle active on all products… Some products are just better to be left without any discounts on the product page.

And this is exactly the case with this Vlogger Kit – There’s a low chance someone who buys this kit will be buying more than one kit. So it’s better to keep it simple on the product page and advertise something else as a one-click upsell.

Think of a product that will go crazy well with this Vlogger Kit and offer it right after the customer completes the checkout process. Next thing you know, the customers clicks on another button and you make extra profit.

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Mistake #3 – Random product recommendations

Shopify You Might Also Like Section

If you want your customer to get lost in your store and eventually leave without buying a thing, then the “You Might Also Like” section is exactly what you’re looking for!

This section isn’t at all helpful and the chance it will bring you an extra sale are slim to none. The risk is higher than the reward in this case so you definitely want it gone on your product page.

All it will do is drive the focus away from the product you are advertising and probably lose you money. Trust me, no one is going on a shopping spree in your online store. They’re here for the product they just saw on Facebook/TikTok and that’s all.

Mistake #4 – No Reviews

Shopify Review App

Nowadays it’s so easy for us Dropshippers to get reviews on our online stores because all we have to do is download a review app and import the already existing reviews from Aliexpress to our store. That’s it…

A 10-15 minute work and you can have a beautiful review page set up on your product page which will drastically increase your conversion rate and get you more sales.

There are tons of studies about the importance of online reviews and their impact on sales, so if you want to read more then just google it and after that there’s no chance you’ll ever test a product without having reviews.

More mistakes:

  1. The logo is just text and that makes the store look unprofessional
  2. There are no guarantees and no shipping information at the bottom of the product description
  3. The footer is incomplete
  4. Colors are a bit random in some parts of the store
  5. The price is a bit weird looking and it would be better to stick to something that works like $39.99 instead of $38.56

The Checkout

Shopify store checkout

After seeing the mess on the product page, I kind of expected to see the usual problems I see on the checkout pages. And right of the bat we have no logo and phone number field which we must fill to advance to the next step.

As for the logo there’s not much to explain really… Don’t forget to upload a logo also to the checkout page and you can even add some trust badges next to it which will increase your store’s trust.

The next issue is the phone number field which should never be mandatory if you are not planning to use these numbers for SMS marketing or stuff like that. Some people hate giving away their phone numbers and they’ll be leaving your store the moment they see it forced on them.

Important: Shopify has activated the much-awaited 1-page checkout for all stores so make sure you activate it before launching your ad campaigns and driving traffic to your store. A 1-page checkout is a HUGE upgrade from the regular 3-page checkout!

Shipping page:

Shopify shipping page

Alright, so we have 3 available shipping methods but there’s no information displayed on any of them. How much time does the “VIP Shipping” method takes compared to the Standard one?

What do you think the customer would do? Either he goes with Standard shipping or he goes back to the main page to search about the shipping times somewhere.

This is a really bad and it can drive customers away instead of just smoothly transfer them to the Payment page.

If you do something like that on your store then make sure to always include the time it gets for the package to arrive. This way your customers can compare between the packages on the spot and choose the one that fits their needs the most.

And please don’t add the awkward insurance charge because it sucks. All these extra charges are a disease and customers hate those with all their hearts!

Payment page:

Shopify payment page

At least the Payment page is standard and there are no tips requests like I’ve seen some Dropshippers do on their stores. Nothing wrong here, just a regular Payment page with both PayPal and Credit Card payment options available.

To Sum It Up

This product has a huge potential and even with a mediocre store and ads it still makes some great sales. This is your chance to jump on this product and make the most out of it by building everything around it like the Pros do.

Start by creating a good looking and engaging video ad and build a store around it that is optimized for conversions to the max.

Happy Selling!

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