4 Tricks To Increase Your Online Store Sales On Father's Day 2024
4 Tricks To Increase Your Online Store Sales On Father's Day 2024

Father’s Day is a huge holiday in the USA and other parts of the world and you can expect sales to pick up the most during the months of May and June.

If you’re already making sales and scaling up simply by increasing the advertising budget, then you’re missing on some easy and free sales that can be achieved with a few tricks.

And if you’re selling but the profit isn’t what you expected, then the tricks I’m about to share with you in this article might turn this holiday into a profitable one.

So go and grab a quick snack and read the whole article to make sure that you’re making the most out of this holiday!

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1. Add Quantity Discounts

Bundle Bear Shopify App
Picture taken from Bundle Bear – Volume Discounts Shopify App

Let us imagine a person, a woman to be exact, and she’s happily married with 2 small kids. Her name is Pamela and she is looking for a Father’s Day gift for her husband.

Now Pamela also has a Father that she loves and a lovely Grandpa that she visits once every 2 weeks.

Luckily for us, Pamela just saw our Father’s Day Dropshipping ad on Facebook and absolutely loved the product. She thinks this product is the perfect Father’s Day gift and she’s ready to make a purchase.

But for some strange reason, there aren’t any quantity discounts present so she just orders a single product for her husband because ordering 3 products is too expensive for her.

She will think of something else to buy for her Father and Grandfather.

But what if we had a quantity discount on our store? One that gives a 25% discount on 3 items? There’s a good chance Pamela would be tempted to purchase 3 items and get done with the Father’s Day gift search.

This is just a quick example of what A LOT of online sellers miss out on… Some extra sales and profit is missed just because there are no quantity discounts present.

So if you’re selling on Father’s Day then make sure to have quantity discounts active because this is one of the rare holidays where one gift can be bought multiple times and get you some crazy profit!

2. Sell Gift Sets

Father's Day Gift Set

Instead of selling a single item for Father’s Day like a watch or some leather wallet, try looking for gift sets or create your own with the items you already have on your store.

The picture above is a good example of such gift set and this one and more can be found on Aliexpress. These sets aren’t expensive, the pictures are high quality so you can launch some really good looking ads, and the quality is great(based on the reviews).

And it already comes in a gift box so it can be delivered as is to the recipient.

$1 Free Trial Shopify

And if you think that men wouldn’t want this gift set as a Father’s Day gift, then don’t worry because it isn’t going to be bought by them.

For this product the women are the clients and they fall HARD for these simple(yet good looking) gift sets and you can easily get sales because it looks and feels high value.

What’s even better is that you can sell a couple of gift sets with quantity discounts and make a bigger profit + run simple photo ads and blow up on social media because the pictures are of superb quality.

3. Target Only Men

Men Power Tool

Father’s Day is where men are celebrated and finally get some love for all the work they do, so logically you should be targeting women first and offer the product you’re selling as a potential Father’s Day gift.

But some people tend to forget that this holiday is also a great time for men to buy something for themselves, like a small “attaboy” gift for all the hard work.

So you can potentially leave women alone in your campaigns and only target men with some awesome Father’s Day discounts. With the right product and a good discount, you can catch all the Fathers that don’t really get that much on Father’s Day…

Also, let’s not forget that men have fathers as well (duh), so if not buying for themselves, then for their fathers.

4. Add Reviews

Aliexpress reviews

You either import reviews from platforms like Aliexpress or Amazon and showcase them directly on your product page, or collect them using emails and other methods…

Because a good review section can boost your conversion rate significantly and get you much more sales and profit without the need to increase your advertising budget.

(Google for impact of reviews on ecommerce stores sales and you’ll find plenty of articles that will show you just how impactful these review sections really are)

Make sure your review section is clean, has at least a dozen of photo reviews, and that the best reviews are pinned to the top to maximize the review section impact on your online store.

If you’re importing reviews from Aliexpress, then check for spelling and “fix” the texts a bit because it is usually auto-translated and the English can be a bit weird sometimes.

With the review section active on your product page, you increase your online store’s trust and customers won’t hesitate to place an order from you.

To Sum It Up

If you’re struggling with making sales or increasing your profit during Father’s Day, then make sure to implement and try these tricks and see how it helps you to get more sales.

Don’t sit idly and get one sale at a time without doing anything to squeeze the maximum out of your customers…

These tricks are proven to work so get to it and start making more sales!

Happy Selling!

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