This Store Makes Over $20,000 In Sales Dropshipping Coffee Niche Products
This Store Makes Over $20,000 In Sales Dropshipping Coffee Niche Products

This Dropshipping store is selling successfully in a very specific niche, the Coffee niche, and you should definitely jump on this niche as well and join the selling party!

“But Daniel, they’re probably doing something special and I don’t think I can replicate the same success…”Well, this is where you’re wrong.

In this week’s article, I am going to show you how you can start selling in this niche today and what exactly to do in order to make this new venture successful.

I am going to show you the store and some of the ads this business is currently running and review it all for you to see that there’s nothing special and there’s no “secret sauce” that lets them make sales.

On top of that, I will suggest a few extra products you can sell in this niche which aren’t being sold on this Coffee niche store.

And as always, the article will also include a lot of tips and valuable lessons that will help you make the most out of your online store and make some bank too.

So if you’ve never made any sales and looking to change that, then make sure to read the whole article and get into this Coffee niche ASAP.

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First of all, how did I find this coffee niche store?

Ecomhunt find winning products

This coffee niche store was found thanks to one of my recent product research runs on Ecomhunt. With Ecomhunt get already proven to sell winning products will all the needed data & analytics which shortens the research process a lot and saves me precious time.

So instead of looking for ads on Facebook or TikTok and hoping to get something cool, I just scrolled Ecomhunt up until I found this awesome looking product that caught my attention.

The product is this Coffee Barista Station and it has opened my eyes towards a very interesting niche that I have never before even considered selling in it.

Coffee Barista Station Winning Product

And from here, I have decided to check out the store to see what else they’re selling and what’s all the fuss about.

The store link and all the other links are in the Links section on the product page so there’s no need for a manual research. You can get to the original store that makes money with a single click.

The Coffee Niche Store

Coffee Niche Store

First of all, before I even begin my review of this store, a quick spoiler: This store rocks!

It’s not by chance this store makes over $20,000 a month and that’s on their weakest month(s). At their best they were making at least double if not triple in sales than what they do right now (You’ll get to see how I know how much this store makes and all their recent and past ads soon).

Here are the reasons why this store is almost perfect and probably one of the best stores I have ever reviewed:

  1. It’s clean – From the home page to the product page, there aren’t any annoying popups or weird stock timers that make the whole store look like it was built by scammers. A minimalistic design that gets the job done.
  2. They have all the necessary pages – They didn’t miss a single must-have page on their store. From the regular TOS pages to a Track Your Order page where customers can easily get information about their package.
  3. The product description is perfect – High quality Pictures & Gifs, more details about the products, guarantees, and shipping information.
  4. The review section is GOLD – If you’re looking for a review section to copy then use the ones on this store.
  5. They have blog posts – Helps to drive Free traffic to your store and may drive even more sales to certain products when customers search for it on your store.
  6. The checkout page is perfect – The original seller didn’t forget to upload his logo on the checkout page as well and the phone number is optional and not a must.

The “bad” parts of this store:

1. Frequently Bought Together section:

This isn’t a mistake alright… But if you make a mistake and publish the wrong bundle then it won’t bring you any extra sales. On top of that, your potential customers may lose focus and look at other products on your store without buying a thing.

It requires quite a lot of testing to find the right product to offer as a bundle, even in niche stores, so if you have no experience then it’s best to keep it clean.

So what is the solution if you still want to increase your AOV(Average Order Value) and don’t want to risk your customers clicking on random products on your store and losing focus?

One-Click Post-Purchase Upsell

ReConvert One-Click Post Purchase upsell
Picture taken from ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell Shopify App

Using a one-click upsell app allows you to offer that additional product you want to sell after the purchase is already made. This way you keep your customers focused on a single product and allow them proceed to the checkout with any interferances.

Once the purchase is completed and the customer paid for the product you initially advertised, you can offer another product in a much better way and get that extra sale with a single mouse click or phone tap(There’s no need to add the payment details again or filling out the shipping address again).

And the best part is the customizable aspect of these one-click upsell apps that allow gives all the needed information about that additional product in the same screen. There’s no need for the customer to visit a different product page and read all the details about that additional product you’re offering.

2. The organization of the product page:

Product page description

It would be much better to start the description with the pictures first and some description under each one of them instead of that block of text and pictures at the bottom.

Customers want to see more pictures of the product and read less and less. That block of text that has the technical details of the product are better off at the bottom instead of being at the top.

Remember that your product page is like a short Funnel page where you try and seal the deal to get your visitors buy your product.

How Much Does This Store Make?

SimilarWeb analytics

Here’s a quick method on how you can know the traffic and the amount of sales an online store makes. For that, we will need to use SimilarWeb and to “guess” the average conversion rate of the store we’re checking.

As you can see from the screenshot above, From November 2023 to January 2024, this store has on average 14,000 visitors a month. This is public information that SimilarWeb and other similar web services collect on all existing websites.

The second stage of our research and how we are going to determine the amount of sales this store has is to decide on the conversion rate.

On average, a regular ecommerce store has about a 2% conversion rate. I’ve reviewed 1.5%~2% stores and none of them were close to the level of this Coffee niche store.

This tells me the average conversion of this Coffee niche store is definitely higher than 2% and may be even much higher than 3%. So for my internal calculations, I am going to decide on a 3% conversion rate.

Next is simple math:

With 14,000 visitors a month and a 3% conversion rate, this store makes 420 orders a month. Let’s take a pretty low average order value and set it on $50(The sum of every order this store has is on average $50).

This Coffee Niche store makes over $20,000 a month which is 420 orders x $50. And just like that we have the amount of sales this store makes 😉

What about the ads?

Facebook Ad Library

We use the same way we got the link to the original store link to get the link to the original Facebook ad. From there you can click on the Facebook page and go straight to ad library of that page and see ALL the ads they’re currently running.

If you look at the screenshot above, you can see that they have new active ads running since March and it’s not just a single ad. They have campaigns with 17 active ads which means that they’re spending money and maybe even scaling their business again.

Active ads on Facebook Ad Library

No business out there is going to pump paid traffic without getting sales, so it’s safe to assume this store is making some bank!

Quick ad review:

As of now, they’re running a few UGC ads for their cold traffic and retargeting carousel ads. As for the carousel ads, there’s nothing to review there because these are automatic ads that will hopefully drive back some of the “lost” customer and convert them.

The cold traffic ads are UGC ads which are user generated – Nowadays, these type of ads are working the best and I recommend you invest a bit more into your ads(if possible) and get the same type of ads for your store as well.

You can get these UGC ads on Fiverr or on other services. We personally recommend using Fiverr because there’s a much bigger choice and the prices are usually lower than other UGC only services.

What products should you sell?

Best selling coffee niche product

The first choice is to sell the same or similar Coffee niche products as the ones sold on this store. Almost any product found on this store can be found on Aliexpress or sourced by some Chinese agent or a sourcing company.

You can take inspiration from everything this seller is doing and copy the same strategy. And if you bring something of your own, like a better price or a different marketing angle, you’ll be making sales for sure.

One more thing you could try is test different interests when targeting or advertise your products in different countries. Most of these stores sell in the USA so a different country may give you lower CPMs and maybe even better sales.

The second choice is to sell different products that do not exist on this store, thus avoiding direct competition by not selling the same products.

small coffee table

From Print on Demand products to even selling furniture, you will have to do some research and do run multiple tests to find something that works.

The third choice is to build a subscription box for coffee lovers where each month they’ll get the needed things to have their Barista operation active.

Monthly subscription Shopify apps

Think about the most used products that are later thrown away by coffee lovers and try to build some kind of monthly crate for them. Once subscribed, they will be paying you each month to get the same stuff again and again.

There are plenty of subscription Shopify apps you can use to build your own custom offer. The best thing about subscriptions is the constant profit you’ll be getting each month without spending more money on ads. As long as you keep them happy, the subscription will be renewed and that’s constant profit coming up your way!

How to target the right audience?

Coffee niche Facebook targeting on Ecomhunt

The best course of action is to layer down coffee interests such as you see in the picture above. This targeting suggestion was taken straight from Ecomhunt and the interests are stacked one under the other.

This is your way to tell Facebook to target only people who like all these interests together and not just one of each. If you put all the interests in a single layer, the audience would be too broad.

Everyone likes Starbucks but not everyone likes Starbucks, Espresso, Nespresso, and Latte together. You can add even a few more interests(also layered down) and reduce the audience size even more.

I would suggest keeping the minimum audience size at 500k and not going too broad(over 5m+).

Of course, don’t forget to search for very specific interests such as Barista and maybe some small/medium coffee companies that only coffee lovers know of.

Having popular interests layered down is a solid targeting idea but maybe you can find a company out there that is not that known to regular coffee consumers.

To Sum It Up

The original seller is doing a great job in this niche and that little brand he has built is making him some nice sales, but is he some kind of genius to make it work for him?

The answer is NO… He is a regular online store owner that simply knows how to sell online. Everything about his Dropshipping business is on point and that’s what makes him sales!

Now’s your chance to make some profit by building your own coffee niche store and implementing everything I taught you in this article.

And if you’re new to Dropshipping and not sure on how to do it all alone, then Ecomhunt has you covered with everything you will ever need to run a successful online store.

From hot selling products with all the data & analytics to the learning resources and the professional support to help you succeed.

So don’t sit out on this one and get to work…

Happy Selling!

Struggling to find good products to sell? Not sure who’s your target audience? Tired of losing money on products you were sure were “winners”?

Then Ecomhunt is what you need! Find hot winning products that are added daily, spy on their ads & stores and import them into your store in 1 click and Start Selling Today!

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