Ecomhunt's Trending Product Suggestion - Sell These Flowery Sandals + Store, Ad Review & Sale Strategy!
Ecomhunt's Trending Product Suggestion - Sell These Flowery Sandals + Store, Ad Review & Sale Strategy!

Another week and another amazing winning product recommendation!

And this time we’re back again with another Summer sandals pair for women. Summer sandals are EXTREMELY hot right now on Facebook and women are buying them out like crazy! Almost every Summer sandals I found on Ecomhunt has an amazing engagement, so don’t wait too long and find your own unique pair to sell now.

This time there weren’t too many mistakes done by this seller, but there’s still stuff they could’ve done much better. Pay attention to what I’m about to say in this article and make sure to catch all the small tips I give here to make even more sales than what they’re doing now.

Like always, I’m going to review the ad, the store, and basically everything there is about this product and give you valuable tips so you can take this product to the next level. Or you can search for other Summer sandals on Aliexpress and find your own unique pair to sell.

Summer sandals are so HOT right now so be quick about it and launch you ads right now!



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1. The Product

Today’s winning product are these super cute flowery Summer sandals for women. Summer is almost here and women everywhere are looking to buy some stylish and comfy Summer sandals. Based on the engagement these sandals are getting on Facebook, I can safely say they are a hit and you won’t have trouble selling them.

All you have to do is to launch a fresh new ad, have a good store and product page built around them, and launch your ads. Fortunately for you, you will know exactly what to do as I’m going to walk you through the whole process 😉


2. The Ad

The ad is a really simple – You have a few product photos of the sandals and the different available colors. A few marketing tricks showing how comfortable and breathable they are, and a promise about bunion correction which I didn’t really like.

These sandals are REALLY nice and comfortable, so I don’t see a reason to invent additional features like bunion correction + adding an animation to it. Just stick to the regular “breathable and comfortable” features and you should be good.

Other than that, I liked the music and some of the animation effects are pretty cool. If you can find real footage of woman walking in these sandals(or similar ones), this could really help you upgrade your video ad. Try messaging the seller and asking for a video – There’s a chance he might have some videos of the product he didn’t release.

The ad copy:

I don’t really like their ad copy… They market it as if these sandals are some kind of therapy product. I would just go with a simple ad copy saying how good looking these sandals are and list a few of their features.

For example:

“Looking for the perfect sandals to wear this Summer? Then check out these stylish comfy sandals ?

Get yours here => *store link*

Soft, comfy, and made from premium breathable materials which will make you feel like walking on clouds. Available in different colors, shop now!”

Simple, without crazy promises, and enough to get them click on your ad and buy(also protects you better from Facebook’s ban hammer).

When the product was first posted on Ecomhunt(6 days ago), it had 12k likes:

Since then, it had gained another 1k likes and a few more comments. It ain’t much considering this ad is running since April 14th, so I decided to check what’s going on with their ads and if they’re still going strong selling these sandals.

Now take a look at their ad library:

As you can see, they have another ad that was launched just a week ago and it has already 372 active ads. This means that they’re going SUPER strong and probably scaling the hell out of these sandals.

And here are their active ads from April:

They still have 145 active ads running since April and they’re even testing other sandals to see if they can catch another winner. This is just to show you that these sandals are selling really well for them, so don’t waste too much time and start selling them too.

Overall, the ad is pretty good and I think they did their best with everything they could use. As said, try asking the seller for videos or new pictures to use on your own ads for this product. Also consider launching regular photo ads as these still work and could get you even better results than a video.

And please avoid leaving these type of comments on your ad:

It’s good that they engage with their audience, but it can scare a other customers away when you say that the goods don’t arrive. The first thing people will read is “not received the goods for a long time” and next they’ll see an angry emoji followed by 13 replies.

This isn’t ideal so just write something like “If you have any issues with your order, please send an email to our support team”, or just don’t write anything that could make people think there are shipping issues.


3. The Store

The store has that minimalistic look every other store has right now. It’s fine but I think the logo could have a better design.

They offer 5 color variations though I think the brown color, which is the first one people see, isn’t the one that sells the best. When offering multiple colors, make sure to check which color is the most popular so you can set it up to appear first. This should increase your conversion rate by making people choose faster their favorite color.

The title isn’t the best as it looks like a bunch of random words put together. Something like “JioJill Flowery Sandals” is much better and it will make people think like they’re buying from a real brand.

The worst part about the product page could be the bundles:

It’s great to see that there’s a connection between the products BUT offering a different pair of shoes isn’t the best thing to do. Why? Because it just prolongs the checkout process by giving women the option to check different shoes.

You should keep their focus on the exact sandals they saw on Facebook and remove all other distractions. Once they order a pair or two of the SAME sandals, then feel free to market them all your other pairs to try and make more money.

Other than that, everything looks fine to me.

The description has some GIFs and other photos which is nice. The English isn’t the best but it’s also not the worst I have seen…


Another thing that needs to be removed is the “You may also like” section:

Same as with the bundles, it’s better to keep their focus on the flowery sandals and nothing else.


4. Checkout

A standard checkout page. The only issue I see is the logo which they forgot to update.

There’s no phone number field which is fine but I prefer keeping it just in case the shipping company needs to contact them. If you set up the phone number field as “optional”, it should be fine as it won’t scare customers away like a mandatory phone field I have seen on some stores I reviewed.


They do charge shipping which is fine and the best thing is that they show how much time it will take. It’s good to finally see some information on the amount of time it takes for the product to arrive.

If you check some of my previous winning product review articles, you will see that some sellers give more than one shipping option(regular, premium, super premium)and they don’t even mention the amount of time it will take the product to arrive.

This tricks is supposed to increase the AOV, but in reality it just confuses the customers and lowers your conversion rate.

Payment page:

In my opinion, asking for tips could only infuriate some of your customers. This isn’t a handmade product or some kind of small family business store, so asking for tips is the same as asking for free money for no work at all.

I don’t think this is a good idea but who knows…


5. Sale Strategy

The product cost on Aliexpress is about $14 including shipping and they sell it here for only $20. It could be possible that they found an agent or a company that sources them these shoes for a much lower price. OR this could also be the original chinese seller that also runs a Shopify store and uses Facebook ads to drive traffic.

Either way, this shouldn’t scare you – You can list these sandals on your store and sell them for $29.99 + $4.99 shipping. This should give you a nice profit margin and you can even profit more if you offer quantity discounts.

Pro tip:

Try offering 10% discount on 2 pairs and add a free shipping discount to the deal. A quantity discount with both a discount + free shipping is quite tempting and could lead to more people buying multiple pairs.

If you want to offer free shipping on a single pair, then try selling these sandals for $34.99 or even $39.99. I think this is the maximum price you can charge for these.


To Sum It Up:

Take this opportunity and launch this product on your own store with better ads and without making the same mistakes as this seller. These sandals are really nice and you can sell it too or try choosing a different pair from what’s available on Aliexpress.

Plenty of sandals to choose from.

Good luck!


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