3 Hot Winning Products From Ecomhunt To Sell This Christmas 2021
3 Hot Winning Products From Ecomhunt To Sell This Christmas 2021

If you’re looking for products to sell this Christmas 2021, then we have the perfect winning product suggestions coming straight from Ecomhunt.

Check out these 3 hot products that you absolutely MUST sell this Q4!

One of the products is currently EXPLODING on Facebook as we speak, so it’s your chance to jump on the hype train and sell it too.

The second one is a cute product from the dog niche with a big potential, but it still doesn’t have too much traction on Facebook(Read the article to find out why).

And the third one is an old “saturated” product most of you will probably miss, but I think that it’s the best one from the list if you can market it correctly 😉

These products are just waiting for the right dropshipper, so don’t sit on this and sell them now!

find winning products to dropship

1. The Snuffle Ball

The Snuffle Ball Ecomhunt

Christmas presents aren’t only for humans! A lot of dog owners worldwide will be looking to treat their 4-legged friends, and our job is to help them find that cute little product and eventually sell it to them as well 😉

The snuffle ball product was posted on Ecomhunt 4 days ago and it’s doing pretty well on Facebook. It looks like the seller is still testing the waters, but people are definitely interested.

Snuffle ball facebook ad

It’s only a matter of time till this product really picks up on Facebook and goes viral. I think the problem could be the video ad this seller is running which isn’t the best…

The beginning is a bit boring, the music doesn’t really fit in, and the footage in general isn’t the best. A $10 Fiverr gig will probably get you a much better video ad than this one.

My Recommendations:

  1. Hire a video ad creator to create a more engaging ad than this one. Make sure they include footage of happy dogs using this toy, have a good scroll-stopper, and a nice call-to-action text at the end of your video.
  2. Target small dog breeds first… It looks like big dogs will chew through this toy in no time, so small dogs is your best option.
  3. Offer quantity discounts! People tend to have more than one dog(especially if they’re small) at home and it’s possible they’ll buy more than one piece.
  4. Offer Free Shipping – Don’t complicate stuff for your customers and just offer free shipping. Calculate the shipping costs and add them to the product price.
  5. Invest 70% of your ad budget on targeting women, and the rest on men. Women engage more than men and it’s likely the majority of your sales will come from them as well.

Other than that, make sure your online store is optimized for the upcoming traffic so that your customers can easily checkout without any issues.

You can always read our online store conversion optimization article to learn how to do it like the pros 🙂

2. Children’s LED Projection Drawing Board

Children's LED Projection Drawing Board

This product is currently EXPLODING on Facebook with tons of engagement from parents and grandparents that just found the perfect Christmas gift for their little ones.

This product was posted on Ecomhunt about 2 days ago when it had “only” 16k likes and almost 5k comments:

Two days later, and this product has already 23k likes and almost 6k comments! This product is crazy viral and it’s your chance to jump on the hype train and sell it too.

led drawing board facebook engagement

The video ad isn’t anything special and it just quickly shows how this product works.

This is an example of a simple ad that still works – You don’t have to always create 30sec-1min video ads explaining every little detail of the product you’re selling.

My Recommendations:

  1. Create a new fresh video ad from new footage – There’s plenty of unused footage you can show to your audience, and you can always approach Aliexpress sellers and ask them for new videos/images. Most of them will have no problem providing new footage to dropshippers that can only increase their sales.
  2. Target different countries rather than targeting USA by default. You may find faster success targeting countries other dropshippers haven’t touched.
  3. Offer an additional discount for 2 pieces or more to increase your AOV(Average Order Value).
  4. This is a high quality toy, so don’t be afraid to mark it up a bit more than usual. Instead of selling it for $29.99, try going for $39.99 or even $49.99 to profit a lot more. When it comes to children, parents are willing to pay any sum!
  5. Parents are your main audience but don’t forget about the grandparents. Approach grandparents directly by tweaking your ad a bit and offer this toy as the BEST educational Christmas gift for their grandchildren.

Don’t wait too much on this product and start selling it now!

3. Electric Clothes Dryer

Electric clothes dryer Ecomhunt

Now this product isn’t a new one and you won’t find it in the first pages on Ecomhunt. This is an old product which most dropshippers would consider “saturated”.

So why do I still recommend you to dropship this exact product?

And the answer is: Just because it’s an old product, this doesn’t mean it’s not a winner…

You see, with the right ad and the right marketing strategy, you can take an old product that exploded in the past and sell it again.

This product has already proved that it can sell in huge numbers, so all it needs now is a new & fresh ad and you can make some bank again.

There’s plenty of example online of old winning products making HUGE comebacks and selling again, so it’s really important to stay open minded and not reject a product only because the post date.

We even made a Youtube video about this:

Make sure to check out this video just to see how the same products that sold like crazy in the past are doing it again.

My Recommendations:

  1. Create a fresh new video ad for this product – As I already said, if you want to sell an old product successfully, you have to show something new to your target audience. Using the same footage or copying an old ad just won’t make it.
  2. It doesn’t have to be the same product – Each day, there’s a new variation of an old product that appears on Aliexpress. Do some research and maybe you’ll find a new and upgraded version of the same product.
  3. Do your own ads – If you’re having a hard time finding new footage, I recommend making your own ads. Either ship it to yourselves and make a simple video ad with your phone, or use something like Fiverr review gig to get someone else to use and review the product for you.
  4. Offer a good discount – Offering a good discount can be a game changer! Quantity discounts, cheap price(if possible), free gift included with the product, and other options… Be creative about your pricing strategy and maybe this will be your breakthrough

What I like the most about this product is that it doesn’t have to stop selling after Christmas. The cold season is here and soon it will be raining in almost every part of the world.

Your job is to show them this product and eventually sell it to them. Think of a new marketing plan, create a new ad, and you’ll definitely make some sales.

To Sum It Up

I hope this article helped you decide on where to get the best video ads for your dropshipping business and how to do it if you still want to try the solo way.

With Christmas just around the corner, I think it’s best to to test as much products as possible and this means prioritizing your time for the important stuff first.

It would be nice to save money on video ads, but it will limit the amount of products you can actually test… It’s up to you from this point forward 😉

Good Luck!

Struggling to find good products to sell? Not sure who’s your target audience? Tired of losing money on products you were sure were “winners”?

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