[New Feature] Ecomhunt LUCKY - Sometimes All It Takes To Find A Winning Product Is A Bit Of Luck
[New Feature] Ecomhunt LUCKY - Sometimes All It Takes To Find A Winning Product Is A Bit Of Luck

Introducing Ecomhunt LUCKY – Sometimes all it takes is a combination of luck and knowledge to find your next winning product.

A bit more than a month ago, we released our newest feature Ecomhunt LIVE. And today, we’re releasing Ecomhunt LUCKY which will change the way you search for winning products on Ecomhunt.

Instead of manually searching for products on Ecomhunt, we will do it for you by using smart filters and real site data. It’s your chance to find products you probably would’ve never considered selling and giving it another chance.

If you’re lucky, this will be your next 5, 6, or even 7-figure winning product to take your dropshipping business to the next level ?

Start using Ecomhunt LUCKY: https://lucky.ecomhunt.com/

(You must have an account on Ecomhunt.com to start using Ecomhunt LUCKY)

find winning products to dropship

1. How To Start Using Ecomhunt LUCKY?

As with all our features, you will need an active Ecomhunt.com account. If you still don’t have an account, create one here for free.

1. Now that you have an account, you can click on the Get Started button on Ecomhunt LUCKY to login.

2. Use your Ecomhunt.com email & password to login and you can finally start using Ecomhunt LUCKY.


2. What Does Ecomhunt LUCKY Offer?

Ecomhunt has thousands of winning products which are proven to sell – Each product is manually picked by our research team to make sure our users receive only the best products to sell on their dropshipping stores.

But how do you know what product to pick from the list of thousands of winning products we already offer? Is this portable baby bottle warmer(see picture above) a better choice than these warm winter boots(see picture below)?

The answer is that both of these products are excellent and we recommend selling them together, but usually the budgets we work with are limited or we don’t have enough time so we’ll have to choose one product and just roll with it.

And this is exactly how people choose what product they want to test: It can be a budget base decision, a specific niche choice, a profit margin choice, etc…

For example:

I have 2 rescue cats at home so whenever I see a pet product, especially if it’s in the cat niche, I tend to pick it over other products. I can skip a great camping product with a potential of making 6-figures in sales over a cat product that would bring me much less sales.

If you think this doesn’t happen often then go check Gabriel St-Germain’s story where he found a $1 million product on the old pages of Ecomhunt. While everyone else was skipping over this product, he decided to test it out and made over $1million in sales.

It’s just one of many examples to show you that sometimes you need to consider testing EVERY product you see on Ecomhunt and not skip over them just because they’re not related to your niche.

Now, with Ecomhunt LUCKY it’s totally different because you’ll get to see only ONE product without the option to skip through many like you used to. Combined with real data and smart filters, Ecomhunt LUCKY is your chance to find a winning product that will take your dropshipping business to the next level!

Hack you Luck and let Ecomhunt LUCKY find you better products to sell on your dropshipping store!


3. Ecomhunt LUCKY Smart Filters

Ecomhunt LUCKY has 4 smart filters to help you get the products you’re looking for:

  1. Trending Filter – Find winning products that are trending right now! This filter is based on data from our recent Ecomhunt LIVE feature we released a bit more than a month ago where you can find products currently rising in trend. Spot a trend before anyone else to make some quick sales. If you don’t know how Ecomhunt LIVE works, you can read all about it in this article right here.
  2. High Margin Filter – Activate this filter if you want to find high margin products to profit more. It’s important to choose products with enough profit margin, so after all your payments you can still make some money. If you play with low profit margins, chances are you’re going to fail.
  3. Top Score Filter – It’s a score we give each product based on Google trend, Aliexpress interest, number of visitors, and the profit margin. The better the score, the better the stats. I’ll explain more about the top score later in this article.
  4. Low Visits Filter – Like I told you before, people tend to skip products over various reasons. It’s your chance to test these low visit products they skipped to find the next 5, 6 or even 7-figure product!

You can use these filters however you like to find products to sell – You can activate all the filters at once or keep only one of them active.

For example:

One of my favorite combinations, and probably one of the strongest, is the high margin filter together with low visits filter. This will give you products people have skipped which is a good chance to catch a “hidden” winner and with enough profit margin to make some good money.

Here’s an example of the first product that popped when I combined these 2 filters:

This car seat headrest is a superb product with a huge profit margin and really low visits. I can see this product working right now because people will be driving to their families or going out on some country vacations, and this product is just the thing they might need.

Another good combination I use is the Trending + Low visits filters which will show us trending products not many people have seen. Here’s an example of a good product I found which is perfect for almost anyone working from home, or for students:

This foldable laptop stand is currently trending and doesn’t have too much visits. I think this is a brilliant product to try and sell in countries where they’re going back to quarantine again(UK, FR,IT). The profit margin is great too which is a nice bonus ?

Use these smart filters to find a winning product you have probably never considered selling!


4. Ecomhunt LUCKY Product Data

Ecomhunt LUCKY provides valuable data for each product you get to help you decide if you should sell it on your store.

1. On the right side you will find the “Trending” status which is taken directly from Ecomhunt LIVE feature – If a product is currently trending, it will be written “NOW TRENDING”.

2. Below that are the product’s monthly visits – This is the real number of visits each product gets a month. Pay attention to this number because it’s your chance to test a product many have skipped.

3. Ecomhunt 24 hour score:

Updated every 24 hours, this score is something to look for when using Ecomhunt LUCKY. The higher the score, the better the product can perform. As you can see in the picture above, the product is trending on Google, has a decent interest score on Aliexpress, barely anyone has touched it, and the margin is pretty good.

This product is SCREAMING for a test and you should definitely jump on it right now. You know what, let’s take a look at the stats:

The product was posted on Ecomhunt about a month ago with some decent engagement on it already, nothing crazy though.

A good amount of comments and shares, now let’s take a look what are its stats for today:

More than 51k likes, this product is EXPLODING in sales right now!! People are ordering this product as we speak so it’s your chance to create some ads and jump on the trend train and make some sales too.

And just like that, we found an excellent product I would probably skip and some of you too…

4. Aliexpress orders growth & Top orders by country:

Use this data to see how well the product does on Aliexpress – As you can see, it’s rapidly growing in sales on Aliexpress so it’s a good indication that it can perform well on Facebook or even on Amazon/Ebay if you’re dropshipping from there.

The top countries by orders is probably my favorite because it gives us a list of countries where this product is making the best sales. While everyone else is probably targeting USA or Canada, we can look at this chart and see that it does pretty well in France and Netherlands.

We can target these countries instead and have much less competition if we were to target USA as everyone else. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get better sales ?


We have dropshippers who sell exclusively in countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, and they’re making A LOT of money. They’re getting enough dropshipping in a single country they don’t even think targeting USA and other countries when they’re scaling.

So you really should test other countries and not focus only on USA!


To Sum It Up:

Like any business out there, you need some luck to succeed and Ecomhunt LUCKY is here to make it happen. As you’ve seen, it just happened that I found a really interesting product with the help of Ecomhunt LUCKY. I believe if it wasn’t for this feature, I would’ve skipped it…

There are products on Ecomhunt that can make you so much money but you’re missing them because they don’t look “good” enough for you. Hopefully, this feature is going to make you consider other products you find less attractive.

Good luck.


Struggling to find good products to sell? Not sure who’s your target audience? Tired of losing money on products you were sure were “winners”?

Then Ecomhunt is what you need! Find hot winning products that are added daily, spy on their ads & stores and import them into your store in 1 click and Start Selling Today!

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