Winning Product Facebook Ads Testing Strategy
Winning Product #13: Men's Photo Wallet With Full Testing Strategy Using Facebook Ads

This week’s products is the men’s photo wallet.

This personalized photo wallet is something that can sell all year round and you can see a drastic increase in sales if you market it in the right time like Christmas. We have a bit more than 2 weeks left till Christmas and if you thought it’s too late then think again… People are still selling their products after Christmas and they don’t stop because right after Christmas comes Valentine’s Day and this product is just the thing people will be buying!

So let’s jump in and see how can we sell this photo wallet with ad examples, selling strategies and more.

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1. Campaign Type & Optimization:

I begin with Website Conversion campaign optimised for Purchase. I don’t care about having zero data and the red color “warnings”. I ALWAYS go with a Website conversion campaign optimised for purchases.

If your ad, targeting and product are good then you will see link clicks followed by actions on your site.

Sometimes, I may choose the “Add to Cart” optimisation and that works too(Sometimes it can even work better than purchase optimisation). Each ad account acts differently and this is something you will have to test for yourself.

Facebook tries to scare us because we’re using a pixel with no data and warns us that we won’t get any sales. This is their way to drive us into choosing a different optimization event to milk even more money from us. They want us to start from View Content optimization and slowly progress to Purchase optimization. And by doing that we will burn a lot of money…

And I usually go with 1 day click conversion window.


2. Number of Adsets & Daily Budget:

I recommend launching 3 to 5 testing adsets per campaign. You should test out different targeting options, different audiences, different ad types and not just launch 5 identical adsets.

Recommended daily budget that I successfully use: $7~$10

I usually go with $8+ budgets.


3. Targeting & Strategy:

We have plenty of options to target women this time. Married, engaged, in-a-relationship… So many options to choose from and the audiences are HUGE. But don’t worry, because I’ll show you a few targeting options to find those who are truly looking for a gift even if there are no holidays(this is what I meant when we can see “all year round”).

The targeting I chose:

  1. Women(age 18-30) & in a relationship & close friends of men with a birthday – This personalized wallet is a cool gift for boyfriends and I used the “life events” data Facebook collects to find women who are close friends of men with birthdays in 7-30 days. There’s a big chance the close friends is a boyfriend or a brother 😉
  2. Women(age 25-65+) & married & anniversary within 0-61 days – I used the data Facebook collects on us to find women with an anniversary coming soon. It’s a special day and they’re probably looking for a gift.
  3. Women(age 22-34) & Newlywed (3 months) – The first months/year of a newlywed couple are considered to be the happiest! Emotional purchase is what I aim for here.

Note: I targeted only people from the U.S but don’t forget that we can target Worldwide. You can target European countries like France, Germany, Austria or english speaking countries like UK, AUS, NZ, CA. And you can always just target Worldwide(exclude “bad” countries).

Women(age 18-30) & in a relationship & close friends of men with a birthday:

Women(age 25-65+) & married & anniversary within 0-61 days:

Women(age 22-34) & Newlywed (3 months):

Note: For this product, I targeted only women in some sort of a relationship with men. This is only an option and you can choose to follow the same exact targeting or think of something else. This product can work really well as a gift for grandpas(wallet with his grandchildren on it). For fathers who recently had a baby and more…

Create a new marketing angle and you may catch something no one even considered and hit gold!


4. Ad placements:

I usually start only with Facebook feed but sometimes I mix it up and run it also on Instagram feed. Although if I decide advertising on Instagram then I usually separate and run a new adset only for Instagram users.

It’s just something I prefer doing but in both cases it should still work.

I run ads both on desktop and mobile. For Instagram ads, I target mobile users only.

Note: As you can see in this picture, I attached another “scare tactic” from Facebook that pushes you to basically spend more money by either raising your budget or going for a different optimization event. Do not be scared and run website conversion campaign optimised for purchase even if you have zero pixel data.


5. Ad Type & Copy:

The seller has some great photos to work with and from my experience, photo ads in this niche work really well so we can use the photos he provides to start testing. But then there’s a really cool video of the engraving on his page we can use too. It’s not a couple but a baby so you’ll have to contact him and ask for couples video engraving footage and I think he won’t have any problem providing them. This is if you want to create a cool video ad which can work really well.

Here are the photo ads and ad text examples I created.


1200×1200 photo ad for women in a relationship + close friends of men with a birthday:

1200×1200 photo ad for married women + anniversary:

1200×1200 photo ad for newlywed women:


6. Product Pricing & Selling Strategy:

Setting a price is an important step that if done right will help you keep getting sales with a healthy conversion rate. And if done wrong, your conversion rate is going to suck or you won’t even get any sales.

Product price on aliexpress is $12.64 and comes with a free epacket shipping or $5.26 shipping price(USPS) if we choose to ship from the US. If you’re going to market to the US audience, then I strongly recommend you ship from their US warehouse for shorter shipping times. This means our total price will be $18.

For the rest of the world, our total price is $12.64 if the epacket will remain free.

For USA: I think we can easily sell this product for $29.99 + $4.95 shipping or $34.99 + Free Shipping. I suggest starting with a lower profit first to first get sales and we can later raise the price to see if a price of $39.99 + Free Shipping would work.

For rest of the world we can sell it for $29.99 + $2.99 shipping or even offer free shipping.

Profit margin in both cases is good.

Colors: Offer them all.

Selling Strategy:

Women probably won’t buy more than one wallet so quantity discounts isn’t needed in this case. We can create a bundle and maybe offer something cool for men(not personalized) but I would just go with the wallet and that’s it.


You will need to install an app to allow file uploads. You have plenty of apps that will help you do that on the app store and some of them barely cost anything.


find winning products to dropship


This is one of those products you can sell at any given time and if there’s a holiday approaching, then you can crush it! I suggest you start testing this product right now and see how it goes. Even if it doesn’t work so well, you should restart it in January just before Valentine’s Day and test it again.

I hope you liked this week’s winning product article – Feel free to ask questions in the comments 🙂

Good luck!

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  1. it would be intersting to see if ‘gay men > in relationship ‘ would give any, especially if you could get product image with 2 men in, and then its the perfect scenario for upsell 2 😀

    • It could actually work! I didn’t even think about it. Target this product towards the LGBT community and it can explode!!
      Add some colorful rainbow colors or have an LGBT themed video ad and it could work.

      The LGBT niche is a good niche btw.

    • Hi Carrie!
      On shopify app store, you have plenty of apps you can use.
      Just search for “file upload” and you will get quite a lot of apps that do that & more.
      Here are the results(link has already “file upload” search results) –

      You have some that come with a paid plan and some are totally for free (Like UploadIt – It’s one of the first results). If you want, I can recommend a few apps I used – Just let me know 😉

  2. Hi Daniel Aloni, I just want to ask, if I use this exact campaign on Facebook ads will I be able to get a sales if I test this for 2 days with $10 daily budget? Just want to know because I would like to test this one but I have only $20 to use. Hope you can answer, thank you so much.

    • I’m going to be honest with you here Mark… $20 probably won’t be enough for testing. This product can suddenly bring you a sale after the first $2 spent and not bring you any sales 3 days later. Then suddenly change again and start bringing you sales. So your $20 will blow away pretty quickly 🙁
      And I would also not suggest copying exactly what I do and at least change it a bit. OR do a lot more research and take your time creating superb ads.
      If you budget is only $20 then save them for other things. Jumping into fb ads with $20 is a sure recipe to lose them quick.

      I suggest you check out this article and try the free traffic methods first –
      You need some budget before you can jump into ads.

    • Hi Renato!
      This product for sure can sold in Brazil. If you’re brazilian and you can set up a store in Portuguese, then it can really help getting potential brazilian customers. Just make sure the aliexpress seller can ship the product to Brazil without any issues.
      If now, it’s always better to use a fulfillment service that has experience shipping stuff to Brazil 🙂

  3. If it advisable to sell this product now, i mean in January. Am i able to reach those couples and deliver these before velentine?
    I have 500$ to spend on fb ad

    • You will have to use a fulfillment company that can deliver it quickly for you. Or find sellers on aliexpress with similar items and a USA warehouse.
      And yes such product are the best to sell now because Valentine’s Day is coming 🙂

      Take care Suraj… I hope $500 aren’t your last savings or anything like that. You can’t know with FB ads and some may find quick success while others are struggling after spending much more than $500. Read articles, check our and other youtube channels and make sure everything’s perfect. No room for mistakes here.


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