Ecomhunt Trending Product Recommendation - This Product Is Exploding On Facebook And You Must Dropship It Now!
Ecomhunt Trending Product Recommendation - This Product Is Exploding On Facebook And You Must Dropship It Now!

This week’s product is coming straight from my own personal Facebook feed and it’s currently doing REALLY well on Facebook.

This product solves a problem for dog owners and it also saves them a lot of money in the process. The comments on the video ad are very positive and it seems like this one product is going to keep selling for a long time.

In this week’s article, I’m going to review everything there is around this product. From the video ad to the actual Shopify store selling it – You’ll see exactly how the original seller is selling this product.

On top of that I’m also going to provide my own targeting suggestions, a selling strategy, and other useful tips that will help you take this product and make some bank with it this Christmas.

Make sure to read the whole article because there’s a lot to learn here!

The store I’m going to review is one of the best one-product stores I have seen in a long time, so it’s really important for you to read this article to learn how the Pros are doing it.


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1. The Product

Meet the Puppy Pad – A reusable pee pad for puppies and old dogs. Instead of using disposable pee pads and wasting money, this product is a better solution.

It’s made from better materials and you can always wash it and use it again. Saves a lot of money for dog owners that need a peeing pad and keeps the dogs calm & happy.

You can start selling this product right now and make a good profit during Christmas, and you can still keep selling it even when Christmas is over.

This isn’t a holiday oriented product so there’s no delivery deadline, and dog owners around the world will eventually need this one product for their dogs.

The base price also isn’t that expensive and there’s enough room to make a good profit on this product. This, of course, if you market it correctly as a premium product and not just regular reusable pee pads.

If you stick to my tips and create a similar looking store like the original seller, you won’t have a problem selling this pee pad as a premium product.

So just keep reading and you’ll know exactly what needs to be done 😉

By the way, I found this product using the Ecomhunt Extension which allowed me to filter my Facebook feed and show only the ads.

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

I strongly recommend to download and install this extension on your Chrome browser and use it to filter out regular ads or viral ones.

It also has other uses like giving important info on any Shopify store, auto-tracking products from Aliexpress, and more.

You can read all about Ecomhunt Extension in this article.

2. The Video Ad

The ad is really well made and has everything I’m looking for in a good video ad that brings conversions. The first 3-4 seconds of the video are interesting enough to stop people from scrolling their feeds.

It’s important to have a good stop scroller in your video ad to catch the attention of your target audience and get them to watch the video and eventually click on your store link.

The description text is readable and explains everything there is to know about this product, there’s a few genuine looking product reviews, and a call-to-action text + the deal they’re currently running at the end of the video.

The only thing I didn’t like is the lack of dogs in this video…

It’s not a big issue but I expected to see at least one more shot of a dog using the pee pad. It could be great if they had a shot of a dog actually peeing on it.

Other than that, it’s perfect!

The ad copy:

I prefer keeping my ad copy shorter than what we see here and with less emojis. This looks like an “old” style ad copy where advertisers used to put a relevant emoji for each feature the product has.

This isn’t terrible but I think a short description could be better in this case. It also gives us the room to put our store link in the first 3 sentences and make it visible for everyone.

In this ad copy, the store link is buried at the bottom and you have to click on See More to see it. There’s a Shop Now button at the bottom of the video, but I still prefer having a clickable link everyone can see in my description as well.

Ad library:

puppy pad ad library on Facebook

Always check the ad library! There’s a lot to learn from the ads the business is currently running.

As you can see, they have more than one video running to their audience and they utilize photos for their retargeting ads and maybe also for their cold audience.

puppy pad ad library on Facebook

Review type ads, different descriptions and ad copies, they’re doing a great job! This is also an indication that the product isn’t dying.

The ads were launched recently and looks like they’re still going strong!

3. The Product Page

I reviewed plenty of stores over the year and this is probably the best product page I have seen so far! It’s magnificent and I really couldn’t find any flaws…

Everything from the product description to the reviews are just perfect:

  • The logo – Great combination of colors and a clean look.
  • Product photos – HQ photos of the pads that show all the available colors including a variation with a cute dog sitting on each of them.
  • Pricing – Not too cheap and not too expensive, but exactly the price you would expect this premium pee pad would cost.
  • Bundles – They understand that dog owners will probably need more than just one pee pad and they have great quantity discounts ready to be used.
  • Product description – A formidable product description which includes photos, comparison tables, videos, and cute drawings that cover everything there is about this product and gives it a super premium feeling.
  • Reviews – And of course great looking reviews to finish it with a bang! If a visitor is still skeptical about the product even after reading the whole description, the reviews will definitely convert him into a paying customer.

My advice:

Save this store to your favorites and even take some screenshots just in case it disappears. Do what they’re doing on the next store you open.


This isn’t your typical product page and it looks like they either used some custom coding or an app. I believe they used a Shopify app that allows store owners to build better looking product page.

Something like a ClickFunnels page just on a Shopify store. There are some apps that allow you to do that but you’ll have to test it out yourselves because I don’t know which one they used(if they actually used one).

But don’t worry because you don’t need to replicate the same exact thing. Just copy their structure, use photos/gifs to show the product features, don’t forget about reviews, and you should be good.

There’s plenty of good stores I reviewed on our blog with good regular product descriptions that do a fantastic job. Make sure to check them out 😉

4. The Checkout

puppy pad checkout page

Nothing special about the checkout page and also no mistakes. As you can see, they do want to collect their customers phone numbers but they don’t force it on them.

Some customers really don’t like giving away their phone number, even if it’s just for the shipping company to contact them… So if you force them by making the phone number mandatory, then there’s a chance they’ll just leave your store without buying anything.

Cart page:

puppy pad cart page

Their cart page is simple looking but it has everything the customer needs to know. There’s the product name, the total price, and a few more reviews to make him feel like he’s doing the right thing buying this product.

On top of that, there’s that small quantity discount notification just in case the customer forgot to add more than one item to his cart.

I really like the fact that they don’t advertise any other product except the pee pad. I know that this is a one-product store, but I saw plenty of one-product stores that shove random products to your face on checkout which is bad.

If you want to introduce a different product, then it’s better to do it after the purchase. Just make sure the products aren’t random…

I bet they have other dog niche products introduced as a one-click upsell at the checkout.

Shipping page:

puppy pad shipping page

Standard shipping page which shows the deal as advertised. The store offers free shipping for any amount of items ordered, and it’s reflected on their shipping page.

And instead of naming their free shipping option as “Free Shipping” as almost everyone does, they added the word “Tracked” in the middle to make their customers feel more safe about their package.

Think about it…

From a customer point of view, seeing that you get both Free Shipping and tracking is much better than just seeing Free Shipping.

This is a psychological calming effect that will make more customers proceed to the next and last step of the checkout process.

Payment page:

puppy pad payment page

A standard payment page with both PayPal and Stripe(probably) active which is basically all you need on your online store.

They do have a tipping option – Now if you read my articles, you probably saw that I am really against the tipping option if you’re just a regular dropshipping store that sells regular Aliexpress products.

Why am I so against it?

Well because there’s nothing special in what you do and there’s a slight chance one of your customers will be mad that you have the audacity to ask for additional tips. And this will cause him to leave your store without buying.

Although in this case, I think the tipping option is not a bad idea and it definitely doesn’t hurt the conversion rate.

This pad is a gift from the heavens to some dog owners, and it also helps them to save money in the process, so I can see some customers leaving a tip as a real thank you for a solution to a problem they had.

They also did a great branding job so it’s not your everyday general dropshipping store selling bunch of stuff from different niches.

5. Targeting Suggestions

Facebook ads targeting

Well for targeting we don’t have too many options except targeting dog owners. There aren’t any interests out there that can help us target elderly/puppy only dog owners, so we’ll have to go the regular way this time.

Though there are a few interests that can increase our chances of targeting dog owners who need these pee pads more than others, and I’ll show you these as well. Hopefully they’ll work for you 🙂

Targeting suggest #1:

dog niche targeting on Facebook 1

The first targeting suggestion is just a combination of relevant dog niche interests like “dog food” and “dog health” all layered down.

This way we ask Facebook to search for people who like ALL these interests together, which should increase our chances of actually hitting dog owners.

If we were to stack them all together, or just work with one interest like Dogs, then we would be hitting non-dog owners much frequently.

Although nowadays Facebook is smart enough to understand that we are looking for dog owners(even by using only one interest), but I still prefer using layered targeting for my tests.

Targeting suggestion #2, #3, #5:

shelter dogs facebook targeting

Now in this case, I decided to look for interests that will find us dog owners who are more likely to need a pee pad. The first thing that jumped into my head is all the “dog rescue” type of interests we have on Facebook.

Some of these good people are taking the rescued dogs to their homes before they find them a forever family to stay with, so a peed pad can be a really good product for them to purchase.

More targeting options:

rescue dog facebook targeting

Same as the explanation above, they are more likely to need our product. The people who rescue dogs deal with elderly dogs and puppies, so this one product is sure needed.

Last targeting option:

animal rescue facebook targeting

Animal rescue is also a good option, although it can also have non-dog owners. Still it’s a good interest to try when you test this product.


You can also stack these interests together and test them out all in one interest. These interests are not as general as interests like Dogs, Puppies, etc, so they should have plenty of dog owners in them.


As you can see, I chose to target only 35+ women – This is due to my experience selling in the dog & cat niche before. Women 35+ were my best customers and the most engaged on my ads.

Testing new products by targeting 35+ women only was how I did stuff… You don’t have to stick to the same testing strategy, so feel free to test men and younger women as well.

6. Selling Strategy

Aliexpress puppy pee pad product

I probably said it many times already in this article that I consider the store selling this product to be perfect. But there’s still a few things I would do a bit differently.

The first one are the color options:

I really don’t think there’s a need to offer 5 different color options for this product. The top 3 most purchased color options is enough for a product like this one.

Make it easier for your customers to choose and you should see faster conversions.

The second thing I would do differently is offer only 1-2 size options

This pee pad comes in 3 sizes: 40×60, 70×80, and 80×90 all in centimeters. I don’t know about you, but I don’t any different between the 70×80 and the 80×90 size.

For me it’s literally the same so I would just keep the 80×90 one and remove the 70×80 option.

There’s also a chance I would offer only the 80×90 size and remove all the rest. Why? Because I think the 40×60 option is just too small, even if it’s for puppies.

My mother happens to own a really small elderly dog that needs pee pads. The pee pads she uses are pretty big and if she were to purchase the puppy pad, she would never go for the small one.

I don’t see how choosing the smallest option is logical here… If a dog is going to pee on the floor, it’s better to have a large puppy pad for it to not miss and pee on the floor instead.


The 40×60 option on Aliexpress costs about $6 while the 80×90 one costs $14. It’s a pretty big difference in price and if you decide to sell only the large one, $29.99 + Free Shipping won’t leave you too much room for profit.

The original seller is selling the 40×60 option for $29.99 and the large option for $39.99. I think you can offer the large option on your store for $34.99 + Free Shipping and that should be a fine price.

Going into a store and seeing a single pee pad selling for $39.99 can scare some of the customers, but a price tag of $34.99 instead isn’t that scary and should work just fine 🙂

Pro tip:

In my opinion, the prices we see on Aliexpress are a bit exaggerated. The price tag of $5 for the small one is fine, but $14 for the largest option just doesn’t seem right.

I suggest sourcing this product using companies such as CJ, Drophippo, Yakkyofy, which most likely will get you a better price. And you’ll also have faster and better shipping options which guarantee happy customers.

If you can get the large option for something like $8 to $10, then you can sell it on your store for $29.99. You’ll lose a bit on the shipping, but with this price tag your conversion rate will be much higher!


Please don’t use the same Brand name as this store is using. I have no idea if this is a real brand(I guess it isn’t…), but it’s better not to use PuppyPad anywhere in your store.

Name it DoggyPad or whatever, just don’t use Puppypad.

To Sum It Up

Who would’ve believed that a simple reusable peeing pad for dogs can make so much noise on Facebook. And that it would sell for a minimum of $29.99…

This is what a good video ad + a great branded looking store can do for you. Taking a simple peeing pad and making it look like the invention of the century!

Now it’s your time to do the same thing and sell this one even better than the original owner. Use what you learned in this article and implement everything I said to make some bank this Christmas.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Good Luck!

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