Sell This Winning Product Right Now With Ad Examples, Targeting Suggestions, And Full Ad & Selling Strategy
Sell This Winning Product Right Now With Ad Examples, Targeting Suggestions, And Full Ad & Selling Strategy

It’s November 2020 and right now people are spending their hard earned money on random products online. It can be gifts for friends or family, products they really need, or just random products they thought are cool which they don’t really need.

The point is that people are spending money right now and if you’re not getting any of it, then you’re clearly doing something wrong… So to help you make some money this Christmas, I decided to give you a winning product you can sell right now + everything else to actually sell it successfully.

I’m talking about ad examples you can take and use right now for your campaigns, a bunch of targeting suggestions, and a full ad & selling strategy. Use the information in this article to take this winning product and make some bank!

On top of that, this product isn’t limited to Christmas season only, so you can keep selling it LONG after Christmas is over.


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1. The Product

Today’s product are these amazing Winter Boots for children which are selling like crazy right now on Aliexpress. It looks like these are designed for boys only, although some sellers who sell the same shoes are saying it’s both for boys and girls.

Either way, this shouldn’t bother us because we don’t really have an option to target parents with children of a specific gender. So my first advice when selling these boots is to not mention it’s for boys only and run it as it is.

Here’s what I like the most about these boots:

1. The quality – Just by looking at the pictures, it looks like these boots are absolutely stunning and professionally made. I usually search for more material and I found another aliexpress seller selling the same boots and he has a video too. The video confirms the quality is top notch!

You can use the video to create a video ad but that won’t be necessary for that product. Keep reading to know why you won’t need a video ad ?

2. The reviews – We have 233 text and photo reviews and 90% of them are 5 stars. It looks like most of the parents who bought these are extremely happy with the quality and there are enough pictures reviews which is amazing for our social proof.

Remember to ALWAYS import aliexpress reviews to your store because a big percentage of your visitors will be checking them before deciding to make an order. A good amount of positive photo reviews will boost your conversion rate and make you more money.

3. You can keep on selling them for a LONG time – These are winter boots so you can start selling them right now and keep on selling till Winter is over. We’re not limited by some event like Christmas so we don’t have to worry about them arriving before a certain date. You can offer a special “Christmas discount” or mention these make a great Christmas gift, but don’t give any delivery guarantees.

4. It’s a MUST HAVE product – There are occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc, where getting a gift is a must and people will be spending money whether they want to or not. In our case, we’re going to advertise these to parents and when it comes to their small children, everything becomes a must.

It’s already cold outside so most parents probably think about getting warm clothes for their children so advertising this product right now will be perfect.

5. Children grow up fast – If you advertise these correctly, you can get parents to buy more than one pair because children grow up really fast and they’ll quickly need to get a bigger pair. Quantity discounts, if done correctly, can get first time customers to buy more than one pair. Later, you can use email marketing and retargeting ads to get them comeback and buy again.

Even if most of your orders will be just for one pair, you should always think of a way to make your existing customers to buy again.

6. Niche potential – If you succeed and get some sales going for you, then you have just opened a door to one of most lucrative niches out there! Tons of “must have” products you can pick and advertise to parents who will have no other choice than to get them from you. Just don’t sell crap and advertise seasonal products or problem solving products.

7. Wide range of sizes – The seller was smart enough to offer a large variety of sizes, and give us a nice EU & US size chart we can use. Add the same size chart to your product description and you’re good to go.

Also don’t forget to tell your customers to choose a bigger size! Kids are growing fast so no harm will be done if the boot is a bit big for the kid.

8. Perfect product for a one-product store – You can potentially get more sales and profit even more if you “brand” this product and create a one-product store around it. It will require much more work than if you were to place these in a general store, but if done correctly you’ll probably earn much more and get a much higher conversion rate.

When building a one-product store around a product, your job is to build a fake brand around it. It will cost you more money because you’ll have to invest into an entirely new store, apps, domain, logo + designs, but it’s worth it if you do it correctly.

Your job is to create a premium looking store which should:

  • Make your customers feel comfortable & safe – They think this is a real big brand they’re dealing with so they won’t hesitate that much when it comes to buying.
  • Increase your overall conversion rate – A one-product usually has a much higher conversion rate than a general store. This means that much more of your first time visitors will be converted into actual paying customers. Sometimes, with the constant rise of ad costs, this small increase in the conversion rate can make the difference between a winning or losing store.
  • Increase your profit – By branding your product and making it appear as a much more premium product than it is, you can charge more for it than if it were sold in a general store. When running paid traffic, it’s important to have a good profit margin so you can keep running your ads and eventually scale your product.

This product has a HUGE potential so you should not wait for too long and get into selling before other dropshippers jump on it ? Next are the targeting & selling strategy which should help you make the most from this product.


2. Selling Strategy & Targeting

These shoes cost about $14 including shipping to the USA so we should sell them for at least $29.99 with a small shipping fee, or $34.99, or even $39.99 + Free Shipping. I’ve seen plenty of kids winter boots that look much worse than the ones on aliexpress sell for $50, $60, and even $70 in huge numbers.

This isn’t a lifestyle product, it’s a must have product that children need to have. Make the parents of Facebook stop scrolling their feeds by showing them an ad for these amazing boots and they’ll definitely go for the order!

I recommend pricing these for $39.99 + Free Shipping and make the original price $79.99 so there’s a fake 50% OFF.

Next are the apps we need to use to increase our conversion rate and the AOV(Average Order Value):

Quantity discounts are a must for this product as some parents will be looking to buy more than one pair. If we’re going to sell these boots for $39.99 + Free Shipping, that gives us a $26 profit margin so we can offer a nice discount starting from the second pair.

I would say at least 10% or even 15% for 2 pairs, and an additional 5% for each extra pair. Don’t get cheap with your customers and offer a 3% or 5% discount like I’ve seen other store owners do…

The Shopify app I use is Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy apps which does a pretty good job by letting customers simply click on the discount instead of manually increasing the quantity. It’s also free for the first product so if it’s a one-product store or the first product you use with quantity discounts, you don’t even have to pay.


You can add a timer or a stock counter but I personally prefer keeping it clean. A simple message under the product that says something like “50% OFF + Free Shipping for a limited time!” is enough. When I sell a premium looking product, I prefer keeping it clean.

The Audience:

I forgot to mention that there’s another thing that I love about this product and it’s the audience – Some products out there can be really hard to target because they’re too general or have too many options so there’s a lot more “Luck” involved in the story.

In our case, it’s MUCH easier because we need to target only parents and maybe search for other less obvious options.

So the first obvious targeting choice are parents of children age 1 till 8(based on the US sizes) – We’re simply going to target Parents and that’s it. We can combine all the parents in one layer to get a bigger audience or have each adset target only one age group.

Parents combination example:

One age group only per adset example:

I would prefer having one adset with all the parents combined and for the other adsets layer it down with some children related interests. It can be popular children stores, toys, clothing interests, and such.

All parents + children clothing interest:

Another option is to target all parents living only in cold states – A simple google search gave me this website which lists the coldest states in the US.

I went for the top coldest states in the US so feel free to add a bit less cold states to increase the audience if you’d like too. In my experience, a 150k audience works just fine with no issues if the product & ad are good.

These are what I like to call the obvious targeting options we have which most of us will think of right away. A less obvious targeting option can be Grandparents – Instead of targeting just parents, let’s target grandparents and offer them to buy these boots as a sweet gift for their grandkids.

Plenty of ways to target grandparents – My preferred way is to choose the suitable grandparent age + some grandparent related interests.

For example:

I chose married couples from age 45 to 65+ and combined it with a grandparent interest. In this age(45), some people already become grandparents and I chose only married couples because I think there’s a higher chance they’ll buy these boots. Maybe they’ll buy it for their next big family meeting or something like that…

The grandparent interest is here to “seal the deal” for my ad to get to more grandparents – Not everyone in this age group is a grandparent so I want to increase my chances to reach only actual grandparents. Or grandparents with more passion for their grandchildren ❤️


3. Ad Strategy

There’s an article where I show my 2 preferred methods to test products with Facebook ads, so if you’re looking for a more detailed explanation then make sure to check it out here. Another reason is that I’m going to recommend testing this product only with ABO campaigns and not CBO campaigns.

Why would I test this with ABO only and not CBO?

If you’ve read the article, you’ll see that I use CBO campaigns to test pretty large audience. Audiences raging from 5m to 70m if you want and in this case, the audiences are not that big. All parents combined, both male & female genders, are about 2.5 million so I will go for ABO this time.

I’m also going to layer down my interests thus reducing my audience size even more which I don’t do when running CBO campaigns. Another reason why I’m going with ABO campaigns instead of CBO.

Testing ABO campaign:

I think the best way to test this product is by having at least 5-7 adsets with a $8-10 daily budget. Minimum daily ad spend for this ABO campaign will be $40 if we run only 5 adsets at $8 daily and $70 if we run 7 adsets at $10 daily.

The audience will be combination of all the above but without the grandparents targeting. This means only parents combined with different children’s interests. It can be all parents combined layered down with children’s clothing,  all parents combined without any additional layers, cold states + parents, etc.

I find ABO campaigns to perform really well when layering down so don’t be afraid to layer down by using different kid related interests. You already have the first 3 targeting options for this ABO campaign so all you need is to add 2 or 4 more.


Targeting isn’t only USA and you can always target Canada, European countries, and more. Sometimes targeting a different country will get you cheaper conversions because there’s less competition there, but you’ll need to make sure the delivery and everything else won’t cause you any problems.

Targeting countries like Germany, UK, France, probably won’t cause any issues but targeting Brazil can be a bit troublesome. Use the right delivery service so there are no late or lost packages. The last thing you want when dropshipping are angry customer emails and chargebacks.


I know some people prefer choosing all placements but I usually go with Facebook and Instagram Feeds. Sometimes I choose Facebook Marketplace as well because people go there to buy stuff, so if the right product pops up you can get a quick sale.

Conversion window:

Some people like to keep the default one which is 7-day click and 1-day view but I use only the 1-day click. I have used this conversion window since forever and it worked the best for me so I’m not about to change that.

Again, this is something most dropshippers don’t really pay attention too so if everything’s good you will get sales no matter what.


4. Ad Examples

Clothing, jewelry, and even complicated gadgets can all sell with only photo ads. Not every product you see on aliexpress needs a special video ads for you to be able to sell it on your store. There’s plenty of dropshippers and respected businesses that advertise a lot of their products using photos only with big success.

When it comes to shoes, photos can work really well if you can get some HQ product photos. Fortunately for us, this sellers provides excellent photos we can use for our ads to advertise these winter boots.

As an example, I prepared 2 photos you can use for your ads. They were really simple to prepare when one of them needed absolutely no editing. I truly believe this can work really well and get the attention of potential customers to stop and click on your link.

First ad example – 1200×1200 using the main photo only:

The classic square size which fits every placement on Facebook – We’ll be using only the Feeds so it will look great.

Second ad example – 1200×1500 combining 3 photos:

This size takes the most space on people’s feeds but it doesn’t fit all placements – It will look amazing on Facebook & Instagram feed but it will be cropped on others. The 1200×1500 size looks amazing on Facebook feed and so far worked really well for me running my campaigns.

Ad copy:

I think a short ad copy will work the best with these boots.

For example:

“Parents! Keep your children’s feet warm with these premium soft winter boots❤️

Get yours here => *store link*

Order now and receive 50% OFF + Free Shipping!”

Make sure your description has enough photos and details about these boots to show the parents how great they actually are. If you don’t know how to create a great product page, then check out our guide on how to create a high-converting product page.


To Sum It Up:

Everything you need to know on how to make money selling this product is in this article, so get to work and start selling this product right now!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Good luck.


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  1. Hi,
    This blog is very informative and motivational for me. Being new in the dropshipping Facebook ad campaign is always a hurdle and headache for me.
    My questions are,
    1-What is the next step after ABO campaign? Is it CBO or we will continue forever with ABO?
    2-Can I get help later from you if I face any issue in the campaigns?
    3-Can we add other children’s shoes in the store from other sellers for the upsell purpose?

    • 1. If ABO works for you then just continue using it for now. ABO was supposed to be gone forever like 1 year ago but it isn’t for now and we don’t really have a specific date to then CBO will replace it permanently. All I know that it will happen cause Facebook is still aiming to have CBO only.
      Because of that, I always recommend testing CBO or learning how to use it at least so it doesn’t catch you off guard and you find yourself clueless on how to operate your campaigns with CBO only.

      2. Sure! You can ask me here. Just follow up in the comments.

      3. You can but make sure you have shipping and everything else covered. There are fulfillment companies out there with joint shipping solutions and low shipping times you can talk too and see if they’re good for you. Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend offering other children’s shoes as upsell… Here’s why:

      a) You’re already selling shoes. Offer something else like a cute one-size winter beanie.
      b) If you offer more shoes, customers will have to check the product and pick sizes all over again thus wasting precious time instead of checking out. If you offer an upsell, it should be something easy to understand, preferably one-size, so the customer can just add it to their order with confidence.
      c) In my opinion, quantity discounts will work much better here as people have multiple children and they could be looking to buy a pair for each. OR like I said in the article: Children grow up fast so buying a bigger pair as an extra is logical for a parent.
      d) Aim for a quick sale – Don’t let your customers think too much with upsells and “recommended products” so they don’t waste time. Aim to close a sale as fast as possible and you can try and convert them later again with retargeting ads, email marketing, and so on.

      Hope this answers your questions 🙂


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