Winning Product Testing With Facebook Ads
Winning Product #9: Heart Shaped Pocket Watch With Full Testing Strategy Using Facebook Ads

This week’s products is the heart shaped pocket watch.

It’s the gift season and men are looking for something special they can bring for their wives/fiancees/girlfriends. On top of being super cute, the quality of this watch looks to be superb and this can be a really great Christmas gift! A really great product to sell which can potentially open us a door to the family niche πŸ™‚

So let’s jump in and see how can we sell this pocket watch with ad examples, selling strategies and more.

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1. Campaign Type & Optimization:

I begin with Website Conversion campaign optimised for Purchase. I don’t care about having zero data and the red color “warnings”. I ALWAYS go with a Website conversion campaign optimised for purchases.

If your ad, targeting and product are good then you will see link clicks followed by actions on your site.

Sometimes, I may choose the “Add to Cart” optimisation and that works too(Sometimes it can even work better than purchase optimisation). Each ad account acts differently and this is something you will have to test for yourself.

Facebook tries to scare us because we’re using a pixel with no data and warns us that we won’t get any sales. This is their way to drive us into choosing a different optimization event to milk even more money from us. They want us to start from View Content optimization and slowly progress to Purchase optimization. And by doing that we will burn a lot of money…

And I usually go with 1 day click conversion window.


2. Number of Adsets & Daily Budget:

I recommend launching 3 to 5 testing adsets per campaign. You should test out different targeting options, different audiences, different ad types and not just launch 5 identical adsets.

Recommended daily budget that I successfully use: $7~$10

I usually go with $8+ budgets.


3. Targeting & Strategy:

The targeting options here are men who are engaged or married – In order to increase our chances of getting some sales, we need to find those who are more likely to buy. If we just target married men, the audience size will be huge and getting sales with a new pixel will be tough. But if we use some some of the tools facebook provides us like life events & more, we can significantly increase our chances of getting sales.

The targeting I chose:

  1. Newly Engaged(3 months) Men [age:18-44] – Newly engaged couples are the happiest and I think it’s enough to understand that this targeting option may give us some really nice conversions if the product is right. It’s the time when they usually plan their wedding, shower each other with small gifts and if we add Christmas to the equation, we may hit gold!
  2. Newlyweds(6 months) Men [age:18-44] – Same principal as above.
  3. Married Men with anniversary within 0-60 days Men [age:25-65+] – God have mercy on the men who forget their anniversary and come back home empty handed.

Newly Engaged(3 months) Men [age:18-44]:

Newlyweds(6 months) Men [age:18-44]:

Married Men with anniversary within 0-60 days Men [age:25-65+]:

Always remember to hit “browse” and check out what Facebook has there for us to use. It’s just a small example of how we can take larger audiences and find the ones with a better chance to open their wallets and give us their money.


4. Ad placements:

I usually start only with Facebook feed but sometimes I mix it up and run it also on Instagram feed. Although if I decide advertising on Instagram then I usually separate and run a new adset only for Instagram users.

It’s just something I prefer doing but in both cases it should still work.

I run ads both on desktop and mobile. For Instagram ads, I target mobile users only.

Note: As you can see in this picture, I attached another “scare tactic” from Facebook that pushes you to basically spend more money by either raising your budget or going for a different optimization event. Do not be scared and run website conversion campaign optimised for purchase even if you have zero pixel data.


5. Ad Type & Copy:

The photos we have on the aliexpress page for this pocket watch are great and I don’t see a reason to make a video ad for this product. I have prepared a 1200×1500 photo ad from the material this aliexpress seller provides and from a different one who sells the same product.

Here are the photo ads and ad text examples I created.


The first 1200×1500 photo ad for men newly engaged(3m) and newlyweds(6m):

The second 1200×1500 photo ad for married men with anniversary coming soon:

If your product has multiple styles and you want to make an eye catching photo ad, then this one above is a format I personally use for some of my POD(print-on-demand) products and dropshipping products. A beautiful way to display your product of Facebook’s feed πŸ˜‰


6. Product Pricing & Selling Strategy:

Setting a price is an important step that if done right will help you keep getting sales with a healthy conversion rate. And if done wrong, your conversion rate is going to suck or you won’t even get any sales.

Product price on aliexpress is $3 and another $3 for epacket shipping(USA). That makes our total price for the pocket watch stand at $6.

This product looks really good and we can possibly sell it at minimum $24.99 + Free Shipping or even $29.99 + Free Shipping.

Selling Strategy:

Profit margin is really good and but I don’t see men buying more than one piece so quantity discounts won’t work here. If you have a bundle app, you can offer something extra for the men to pick up as a gift. I’m not a big fan of bundles when I’m still in the testing stage because I think it can confuse our customers and they’ll just leave our store without buying anything. I think it’s better to test this product as it is without any bundle offers and if I get sales, then I can think about adding bundles.


find winning products to dropship


In my opinion and based from selling a lot in the family niche, this product looks like a potential winner. It’s not a necklace or the usual kind of gifts women receive so there’s a chance it will see because it’s unique. I didn’t check thoroughly if this product was sold in big amounts on Facebook already but even if it did, Christmas is a magical season and you can still make a killing with this product πŸ˜‰

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    • Hi Tammy! I use one ad creative in each adset but I know many other dropshippers who test multiple ads in 1 adset. Both are good but I think testing multiple ads may give you an edge because you’ll know which one of the ads the users like most. My way of doing things is because I know my niche pretty well so I’m confident enough to use only 1 ad creative in every adset.
      But I still test different ad creatives, just not in 1 adset.

      So the answer is: It’s up to you lol πŸ™‚

  1. Tried with newly engaged men, with a PPE first to check if there is a general interest. Results are terrible, 0.14 per engagement, normally I pay 0.01. Also after $5 spent still no link click, so CPP would be far too high to make any profit. Will try with WC but for sure it does not work. Also CPM is way too high, $18, normally I don’t have more than $4-6 as a CPM

    • Again why do you start with ppe? It’s not like you have too many options and you must feed your pixel and create lookalikes to succeed…
      $0.01 per engagement – ok I can get these results too on some campaigns even to the US but I can never say all my ppe campaigns get such resutls. Usually it’s higher.
      $4-$6 CPM? Are you targeting CHILE / BRAZIL / Pakistan? My average CPMs in the family niche start from $8-$9 and can go up to $30. It can start sometimes a bit high like $35 but it will eventually drop.

      Honestly speaking… I have no idea what are you doing. Instead of testing it using a WC campaign, you again go for for a PPE campaign and then you decide based on that ppe campaign after spending $5.
      Right now I have WC campaigns running to the US and getting sales. I know for a fact that if I run ppe campaigns to the same audience, I will barely get any link clicks. And if I get some, probably it will cost me more than $3 which is terrible. And the engagement cost will NEVER be $0.01 and the CPM will never be lower than $15… But good thing I run WC campaigns and not wasting time on PPE campaigns right?

      • Well, most of the time I start with a PPE just to find out if the audience is interested in the product. If the product is really good I do not only get likes but also link clicks from a PPE and far cheaper than using WC.
        I normally always use video and not images, so maybe it is due to this. When using video and targeting USA, I NEVER got to pay more than $0.01 or $0.02 when targeting USA. Also I hear this from many people that they pay high CPM, but really, I always only target USA and never pay more than $4-6. I do not know what is the reason, is it using videos, or that the account is aged etc.

        But I will try WC now and let’s see if it works better. Everything you are telling for targeting is correct and good if someone thinks logically, but I am not sure if facebook, the audience you are suggesting is normally the ideal buyer group. But sometimes facebook brings you only clickers and likers but not buyers.

        • This is some crazy good ad account to have with such CPMs! The last time when I was getting $6 CPMs is when I was targeting women 18-24 in a not so competitive niche. But in the family niche,the lowest I had was $8 I think.
          Try it out or find maybe a different product in this niche because it’s the best time to see such products right now. Personalized products work well too πŸ˜‰
          Good luck Andy!


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