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5 E-Commerce Myths You've Probably Heard That Are Wrong

As we approach Q4 of 2019, it’s exactly the time to put an end to some annoying Myths around the web. Christmas is upon us and we can already see some Christmas products being advertised and sold on Facebook and everywhere else. This is why we decided to write this article for our Ecomhunt Family Members because we hate to see you lose time and money.

In this week’s article, We’ll put an end to 5 E-Commerce Myths and explain what you should actually do. If you’re looking to save money and maximize your campaigns potential this Christmas, then this article is a must read!


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1. You Can’t Launch Facebook’s Website Conversion Campaign With Zero Pixel Data

This is a really popular statement! It can be found in a lot of Facebook ads courses online and it’s even what Facebook recommends when asked what to do if you have a new pixel with 0 data. They suggest you first “season” your pixel and start from the View Content optimisation and after a certain amount of events reached, then you can move on to the next optimisation event.

This means that in order to get to the Purchase optimisation, you’ll have to spend quite a lot of money going through all the other optimisation events. And this doesn’t guarantee more sales or better overall performance of your campaign.

It’s true that having a pixel with sales data related to your niche is a lot better than having a new pixel with 0 data. But this method right here, in our opinion, isn’t necessary at all and in most cases didn’t bring better results than just going straight with Purchase optimisation.

If you have a good ad, a good product and you did your research correctly, then starting straight with Purchase optimisation will bring you sales!


2. Targeting Small Audiences With Facebook Ads Doesn’t work

Small Audience Facebook Ads Good Results

For some reason and after checking thousands of store owners Facebook campaigns, we can say with 100% certainty that people are afraid of small audiences. They avoid small audiences when choosing their targeting on Facebook even if the audience seems to be exactly what they need. But they avoid that and prefer a more broad option only because the audience size was 20k or 30k…

But what if I told you that small audiences do work and you have nothing to fear? We have had ads targeting audiences as small as 5k which brought us WONDERFUL and cheap conversions. All stats were normal including the CPMs that for some reason, people think are much higher with small audiences.

As you can see from the photo, one of our adsets targeting a small audience of 13000 people had 73 Add to Carts for almost $310 spent. This adset right here brought us more than 35 sales with a normal $10 CPM. A great adset with the same exact stats as other adsets we had with bigger audiences.


3. You Can’t Get Sales With A Free Theme – Premium Design Is A Must!

Absolutely Wrong!!!

I don’t know if this is some kind of conspiracy constructed by designers around the world or someone else, but it’s definitely working in their favor! Lots of new sellers tend to purchase the premium themes and give way too much thought for their store design like logo, banners, etc. Spending hundreds of dollars or even thousands straight away even without launching their first ad and testing their first product.

On the other hand, exprienced dropshippers can have a store ready in less than 2 hours with everything set up. A normal logo they pay $30 tops and a free theme is all they need to start testing products and getting no less sales than those who invested thousands into their store’s design.

Read our Paid Theme vs Free Theme article for a more thorough explanation.


4. Fill Up Your Store With Lots Of Products Before Bringing Any Traffic

This is something we see a lot of newbie dropshippers do and it’s a really great thing to do if you like wasting your time on pointless stuff. You’re not Jeff Bezos son and your dropshipping store doesn’t need to be a mini Amazon with 100 of different products to finally start bringing traffic.

Unless you’re using influencers to bring visitors to your store, most of the traffic you’ll send is directly to a certain product. And your focus needs to be on how to bring these visitors to purchase a specific product they might like. That’s it.

Sure some of your visitors will check your store’s main page but it shouldn’t worry you too much if you have a total of 3 products – This is not what will ruin your converion rate. Instead, worry about your product & your product page and everything else that follows.


5. Facebook Ads Low Daily Budgets Don’t Work Anymore

Don’t let this statement discourage you because it’s wrong.

It’s true ad costs are rising and we’ll probably see higher CPMs during the holiday season but that doesn’t mean that low daily budgets don’t work anymore. It all depends on your product, your ads and how you target your audience.

Instead of targeting the same “regular” interests, try researching a bit more and find an interest not everyone is aware of. A good example to that is when we targeted photographers and there was one particular interest we used that brought us much lower CPMs and great conversions. That interest simply had less competition on it and with the right product and ad, we were having some really cheap conversions.

Instead of copying and using the same video ad, find a new marketing angle to that product and launch your ads. A compact storage product is something everyone might need but what if we give it a little twist and advertise it to parents? We all know that kids LOVE to explore and touch anything around the house so a compact storage product can be a great way to hide valuables or potentially dangerous stuff from your kids. Here you go! A different marketing angle that might work.

And as you can see from the screenshot attached, our adsets with low daily budgets are doing amazing!


To Sum It Up:

With ad costs rising, getting new customers is not an easy task especially during the holidays when the CPMs are higher than usual. This is why we had to kill some Myths that might make your life much harder if you were to believe they’re true. By harder we mean not only by losing money but also by losing valuable time focusing on pointless stuff.


Struggling with finding good products to sell? Not sure who’s your target audience? Tired of losing money on products you were sure were “winners”?

Then Ecomhunt is what you need! Find hot winning products that are added daily, spy on their ads & stores and import them into your store in 1 click and Start Selling Today!

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