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How did you get started in Dropshipping Ecommerce?

I was introduced to the concept of Drop Shipping in August 2017 at the end of the “Fidget Spinner” craze. It seemed like everyone was making a fortune off of these stupid toys and I wanted a piece of the pie. So I purchased Anton Kraly’s course “Drop Ship Lifestyle” and briefly went over it, but I actually ended up charging back because they wouldn’t refund me (or pick up the phone) and the course didn’t really add much value to me (I still had no idea what drop shipping was at the time). After quickly putting up a Shopify store and then researching Google Trends and such, I realized I was too late to the game and there really wasn’t much opportunity left.

But I kept on dabbling in Facebook Advertising and kept exploring my options when one of my entrepreneur friends mentioned to me,  “Dude, you should get into Drop Shipping, Kevin and Brian are killing it. If you need cash flow Drop Shipping is money.”  It was hard for me to believe this until I actually spoke to them. I saw their numbers and discovered they were actually doing extremely well (and still are) so it was proof of concept for me.

I had a really vague understanding of the business model, but I saw this as a opportunity I couldn’t pass up. At that point, that was all the proof I needed to know that this business model was actually lucrative. I finally had some clarity as to what I needed to put my energy & focus into. I was determined to make something work because it seemed like the ticket out of my loads of debt and a path to making stable income, again. So I pitched the idea to a close friend and we decided to partner together and build our first store in October 2017.

What were you doing before starting your successful Drop Shipping Business? 

Prior to Drop shipping I was (and still am) a direct response internet marketer. I was the Chief Creative Officer & Partner in a 7-figure supplement & branding company. I was the Web Designer, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Split Tester, Analytics Person, Funnel Builder, Video Editor and Strategist. I helped start this company with 2 of my best friends straight out of college. At the time we actually employed around 10-15 people and were growing at a quick rate. At this point of my life, I was partying almost everyday, spending recklessly and “living the dream” as you could say because I was finally enjoying the fruits of my labor. People had warned me to slow it down, but I didn’t listen. But in the summer of 2016 I was kicked out (bought out) because my partners felt as though I wasn’t adding anymore value to the company. When my partners sat me down and told me they were going to buy my shares in the company, I broke down.

I literally poured my blood, sweat and tears day in and day out and spent ENDLESS nights working to build these companies up. So you can only imagine how painful it was to hear that. Talk about reality check. These were my “babies”.  It felt like everything I had worked for all these years, was for nothing. Imagine building a house that took you 4 years to build and before you could actually enjoy living in it, it was bulldozed down and all that was left were the scraps and blueprints. This was a HUGE kick in the balls for me, but fortunately they couldn’t take away my experience and knowledge.

So in spite of them, I decided to start another supplement company in the Hangover & Recovery niche. I had some pretty ambitious goals for this company and wanted to be the leader in hangover recovery supplements, we saw early success with high hopes for the brand. But a few months later I ended up burning through most of my financial resources because of poor strategy, bad luck with manufacturing and legal issues. I really wanted this to succeed to prove to my ex-partners that I could make it without them, but it reached a point where I could no longer fund the company and eventually had to stop all marketing & investment in inventory.

Even though my brand didn’t “succeed” it was actually one of the best learning experiences in my life. It set up a solid foundation for me and taught me invaluable lessons that you can only learn by starting your own business. Then came Drop Shipping…that was a whole different beast to take on.

Do you remember your first sale and where it came from? There are many ecommerce success stories associated with using Facebook Ads. What was your experience with Facebook Ads before your dropshipping success? 

I was an amateur with Facebook ads before drop shipping. I had some minor success in the past with my hangover brand, but nothing compared to my store today. I honestly didn’t really know what I was doing for the first 2 months of drop shipping. I bought some Facebook courses from Maxwell Finn & Ezra Firestone, listened to many pod casts, watched youtube and they helped to a degree. But with Facebook it’s all about testing and getting your hands dirty. It’s hard to conceptualize Facebook in its entirety, without actually doing the work.

After launching our store and setting up ads, we made sales right off the bat. I wasn’t completely shocked at this because I had made sales in the past with Facebook, but I wasn’t able to turn a profit for about 2 months. The first day I hit $1000 in sales was pretty exciting, that was the moment I felt like there was actually a chance to make it in Drop Shipping.

I stumbled across and was AMAZED to see everything done for you. After utilizing all of the resources available to me on I then joined the inner circle and that’s when I found my first winner. Once I found that, my life changed. After discovering one winner, other winners were much easier to detect. Mordechai, founder of Ecom Hunt, pushed me to keep testing and learning. If it wasn’t for him and his program, I think I would’ve quit too early. Success can literally be right around the corner, you just have to keep at it long enough until you finally reach it and when you do reach it, that’s when you really start evolving as an entrepreneur. DO NOT ever give up too easily. Understand that this is a process and it does take time.

How did you learn to use them? What keeps you motivated as an ecommerce entrepreneur? 

What keeps me motivated as an entrepreneur is growth, passion and financial goals. Everyday I want to wake up a little bit wiser than the previous day. I love learning new skills, new strategies, new hacks that improve my business and personal development. Growth is everything in life, if you’re not growing you’re dying. Time is SO valuable and you need use it wisely, cause it’s the only thing that is finite in our lives. We can’t buy more time.

Second is passion. I absolutely LOVE marketing. I live and breathe this stuff. Marketing is the future whether you accept it or not. It is everywhere and it will only become more and more present in this world. To be ahead of the game you need to fall in love with it, because if you’re in business, you’re in the business of marketing whether you or not you believe it. Without any sales, you have no business. Marketing comes first! That’s why I love it so much, you can literally turn words and images on screen into MONEY in your bank account. Unbelievable. I love the psychology behind advertising and marketing and also learning new strategies that increase ROI and pretty much everything in-between.

Third is financial goals. I’m not building a business for free and pats on the back. Financial goals are CRUCIAL to staying motivated as an entrepreneur. I’m not trying to become a multi-billionaire. But I have set financial goals for the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5-10 years.

Money makes the world go round and if you don’t have it, you’re going to suffer. I’ve had negative balances in my bank accounts so I know how painful it can be to be broke. Broke is such a powerful motivator because you really don’t have any where to go but up. If you’ve hit rock bottom (like I have) then you have nothing to lose because you lost it all! Haha.

No but seriously, setting financial goals and hitting them is the best feeling. Knowing that you’ve put in the work to make that a reality is priceless. Now what you do with your money is up to you. Remember, it’s easy to make money online, but keeping it is even harder ?. So be smart and don’t buy a Lambo because you want to feel cool. Invest in your future and live modestly, that’s even cooler.

Why did you want to achieve ecommerce success so badly?

I didn’t have a choice. My finances were reaching an end and I had to make something happen QUICK. Taxes, debt and bills were piling up and I was making ZERO dollars. In fact, I was losing money everyday. My savings were drying up and my credit cards were maxed out. Drop Shipping was the only chance I had to turn my life around. When you’re desparate to make things work, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it. There’s a bright side to everything. You gotta be able to push through all the shitty, hard, painful times to come out on top. When you finally reach a point where all of your efforts become fruitful, you will appreciate all the hardships you went through in order to achieve that success. These are words I live by, “There is no growth without suffering.” Everyone has different path and different struggles. Understand that you WILL succeed if you keep pushing.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, what is your sales-per-day record as a successful eCommerce business ?

For only doing this about 3.5 months, we’ve been able to hit $12k days with one single product only at 10%-20% margins. We’ve been able to generate over $350k in revenue in the last 3.5 months. This number is not even close to what is possible. With the right team in place and right processes in place, we plan on growing to 50k – 100k days by the end of the year. There is no limit to this business. Although there are definitely milestones you need to hit before reaching 4, 5, 6 figure days.

If you started all over again, what would you do differently as an E-commerce entrepreneur? 

I would’ve started sooner. This industry is getting more and more competitive every day and the quicker you’re able to take action the sooner you’ll be able to get through all the mistakes and actually start making money. I also would’ve invested more money on education and masterminds. You can never spend too much on education, especially when things are changing on a monthly or even weekly basis. All it can take is one piece of golden information from someone who’s doing better than you to change your paradigm and allow you see what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals. The more you know, the better off you will be.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, what’s your top recommendation to anyone looking to start a successful eCommerce business?


DON’T start an eCommerce business if you’re not ready to commit 1000% to it.

Don’t start an eCommerce business if you’re afraid to fail.

Don’t start an eCommerce business if you think it’s a get rich quick scheme.

Don’t start an eCommerce business if you’re broke and have 0 money. (Get a side job to pay for ads and subscriptions)

Don’t start an eCommerce business if you need to be told what to do.

Do start an eCommerce business if you want to grow as an entrepreneur and marketer.

Do start an eCommerce business if you have a dedication to learning and personal development.

Do start an eCommerce business if you are struggling at bringing in a stable income and you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Do start an eCommerce business if you’re committed long-term to making this a priority.

Do start an eCommerce business if you want to be your own boss and like taking control of your life.

Do start an eCommerce business if you have a passion for it.

Do start an eCommerce business if you want financial freedom.

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