Zero to $500K in 1 month

This probably sounds like an impossible achievement, but trust me when I tell you “All you need is one winner! one good product” to change your life.

Nowadays, there are a ton of apps and services that make the ecommerce journey much more easier for beginners. Ecomhunt has encouraged many people to start their own ecommerce business and helped a lot of professional ecommerce entrepreneurs. I truly believe that ecommerce is best way to start a business in order to change your lives with minimum risk and high profits.

In a way we all need motivation sometimes, and it’s not enough reading on the web that ecommerce is the way to go. We all know that having all the apps and services and even knowledge sometimes is not enough to make us succeed… Sometimes all we need is a good motivational story to boost our desire to succeed ! so to make sure you are always motivated we’ve created this interviews section were we are going to interview the top ecommerce entrepreneurs in the business.

Ecomhunt Founder Mordechai Arba recently spoke to Jared Goetz from LA about his big success using Ecomhunt. Jared Goetz is really passionated about the eCommerce business and loves to share his experience and knowledge with other people in order to help other people succeed.

Within only 1 month Jared Goetz already earned over $500,000 in sales using Ecomhunt products.
As a standout amongst the best Ecomhunt users, Jared’s primary piece of advice is, “Don’t stop testing products. You can never know when you’ll hit a winner” If you’re looking to become a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, you can’t back down!

With the correct mindset, and a little bit of creativity, anything is possible. Jared also said “Stop working without a plan! ecommerce business is a real business treat it this way”. Your life as an eCommerce entrepreneur can start today.

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How and when did you get started in Drop shipping ecommerce?

I Started in eCommerce in about two years ago and i would actually go to china and import products and build brands.. invest a lot of money in ads and videos, attend trade shows and stuff like that, i was kinda sell products all across the board,  I learned about eCommerce and Facebook marketing through the process and then about a year ago I discovered DropShipping and it seems to good to be true because it solved all the problems that i had with my other business which was : Dealing with importing products and having all the money tied up in inventory, so i decided to try DropShipping and i was very lucky to find winning products right off the bat. About six months ago I started my first store and it went from zero to 2 million dollars in 60 days, it was crazy growth!

How did you discover Ecomhunt and how it helped you succeed in your DropShipping Business?

One of the biggest problems we were facing at that stage was, finding good winning products, basically what we would do is make people look in Facebook for adds and see what other people are selling, it was working sometimes but it was out of our control because we were just waiting to find ads of other stores and we also used some spy tools but it didn’t work well, it was really hard to find winning products, Until one day i came across Ecomhunt Platform and it made things a lot easier for us because it allowed us to systematize our products testing process, we put a processes in place that utilizes the products provided by Ecomhunt and test them with a specific method that we use and we tend to find 1 or 2 in 10 products to be winners, so having hundreds of products available on Ecomhunt is really helping us achieving our goals.

Tell us about your products testing process?

We have a system now we use to test products, we have kinda pipeline of products collected from Ecomhunt that we’re gonna test and we make sure those products are matching our criteria, we test like 3 to 5 products per day, it depends on how much our budget allows us to do, so finding winning products in Ecomhunt ready with all the info is saving so much time for us and helping us in so many levels.

Tell us more about how you choose the products that you want to test from Ecomhunt?

When it comes to profit margins, the creative that are available or the ones that we could make, we use a certain method of product selection and testing, as i said before we choose products that  matches our criteria and we normally test it on 10 different audiences that we already had, and we keep testing and pushing still we hit it,  People give up too easily… they try something, they spend like 20 dollars and they don’t get any sales in first try so they assume its never gonna work but sometime they’re just inches from figuring it out, so they just give up way too early after testing, and that’s the reason so many people fail in the first place, so first rule is never give up testing till you hit the right spot.

Some people complain about some products they say they’re saturated, is there such a thing as saturated products?

I don’t think a product could really be saturated unless if it’s an extremely niche product that only a small people will buy, there is over a billion people on Facebook so you need tens of thousands of  people selling the same products to consider it saturated, i think that people have the wrong perspective, if a lot of people selling a product you should jump on the bandwagon and seize the opportunity, don’t think it’s saturated that’s the exact opposite because that product is already a winner so it’s easy money if you ask me, and it’s possible to have a saturated product but it takes a lot and long time.

Can you share a bit more practical examples of your testing methods for the ecommerce beginners?

Yeah i can get into a little bit of details, my high level advice is to test across the board, and you can use your instinct to find the right audiences for your products and look for statistics other than just sales and random numbers, look for the CPC, CPM, oftentimes your ad campaigns are very close to be profitable and a little tweak and adjustment could make a difference, Actually i’m putting together a free training on how we test and scale products, so you can share with Ecomhunt Pro mastermind group anytime.

What do you think about Ecomhunt Product Testing Method ( Find Product > buy Data > Optimize ads with the best audiences> Sales> Ad Scaling) are you using the same method?

Yes, absolutely i think a lot of people may not understand when you say buy the data, basically what we do is creating several audiences right off the bat, so we’re creating lookalike audiences for “add to cart” , “purchases”,  “initiate checkouts”, and as the data starts populating those audiences grow and then we start targeting those audiences, and that’s actually when we go from “non profitable” to “profitable” it happens right when we start targeting these audiences we built.

And honestly with the Ecomhunt Platform your loss is much less because you’re testing proved winning products, people get scared and they think they’re never gonna turn it around and they’re wasting money… that’s the wrong mind set of an entrepreneur, and oftentimes we may lose a little bit of money and that’s normal because you need to invest in ads to build audiences but once you build your lookalike audiences then you found your buyers , so inevitably you need to invest in order to make profit and that’s how it’s working for every successful business.

What do you have some final golden nuggets and tips for the Ecomhunt users?

My advice for every beginner in the business is to start with a general store to test products and learn about ads, and actually that’s how we work, i own multiple general stores and it’s till working really well for me.

Another thing is that you always be improved, so your store is already built but in reality there is so much more you can do to tweak your store and that can increase your conversion rates that will make you more successful, so always be testing new things always make sure you’re improving what you’re doing, like I said a few times very often when  you’re really close to success you’re just like one click or one tweak away so don’t give up too early and keep pushing and you will succeed eventually.

dropshipping success

ecommerce has changed my life personally so much and it changed it really fast, it’s noway like a get rich scheme, it take a lot of work and dedication, and to grow to a level where we’re at you need a lot of process in place, you need the right support you need a system in place that will allow you to grow there, and finally in ecommerce there is a lot of potential so din’t give up too early.

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