Big Changes Coming To Ecomhunt - New Dashboard, Better Design, Awesome Features And New Prices!
Big Changes Coming To Ecomhunt - New Dashboard, Better Design, Awesome Features And New Prices!

Ecomhunt is getting a major upgrade in all areas to make it easier for our users to dropship!

From a new & improved dashboard that will make every feature we have easily accessible, to new apps and even a brand new University to help you learn all about Dropshipping.

On top of that, our base price is going to increase in a few days when we introduce our new pricing plans. So if you’re still not a Pro member, now’s the best time to become one to enjoy Ecomhunt to the max and still pay the same price.

In this week’s article, I’m going to explain about all the changes Ecomhunt is going through and show you what has exactly changed.

By the way, some of these changes(like the new dashboard and our newest feature) are already LIVE. You can access them directly and use them right after reading this article 😉


The New Ecomhunt Dashboard

Ecomhunt beta dashboard
Ecomhunt’s new dashboard

The new Ecomhunt dashboard makes it much easier for our users to access anything they need to run their dropshipping business.

From new daily winning products to apps and learning resources – Get the data you need FAST without the need to jump between pages and tabs.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that all our learning resources are just 1-click way. If you ever have a need to refresh your knowledge, our e-books, blog articles, and Youtube videos are here to help you out.

And there’s the user favorite chat with our expert consultant Jack Kaching

Ecomhunt expert consultant chat

Clicking on Chat Now will take you to our support portal where you’ll get your own token that will enable you to chat live with Jack.

Ecomhunt support portal

It’s super easy to use and you’ll get your questions answered in no time 🙂

And at the bottom of the page, you’ll find our top Aliexpress product picks brought to you by Ecomhunt Adam.

Ecomhunt Top Aliexpress Product Picks

Ecomhunt Adam is one of our latest apps that will greatly increase your chances to get sales going on your dropshipping store.

By using the power of A.I, we have an algorithm in place that constantly learns and eventually picks products to dropship straight from Aliexpress.

Ecomhunt Adam quickly became a user favorite app so make sure to check it out. Maybe you’ll find a product not many dropshippers have touched yet.

To access the new dashboard, simply go to Ecomhunt main website and click on the small popup at the bottom left corner.

ecomhunt classic beta link

Click on it and a popup will appear.

Ecomhunt beta popup

There are 4 slides that explain what this new dashboard is all about and right after that you can move on to the new dashboard itself.

Ecomhunt Menu Side Bar

Ecomhunt menu side bar
Ecomhunt menu Side Bar

If you want to access a certain app or feature without having too much stuff around, then just use our sidebar and choose whatever you need.

It has all the features & apps you’re used to see, and even links to all of our learning resources and support. Choose the feature or app you want to use, and it will open in the same tab.

Ecomhunt tracker new dashboard

For the resources, simply choose whatever you need from the drop-down menu.

Ecomhunt resources

I personally recommend the e-books as they’re super detailed and have a lot of screenshots that show you exactly how things are done.

Podcasts are also really cool – Plenty of big names in the e-commerce world with lots of experience you can learn from.

Ecomhunt Search Bar

Ecomhunt Search Bar

If you’re in a hurry and looking for specific products, then you can always use our universal search bar. Just type your keyword of interest into the search bar, and Ecomhunt will bring you back all keyword related products.

This time it won’t be only from Ecomhunt Classic, but also from Ecomhunt Adam which brings you products straight from Aliexpress.

This search bar allows you to quickly explore products on Ecomhunt and choose the one that fits your dropshipping business the most.

Ecomhunt Alerts – Our Newest Feature

Ecomhunt Alerts
Ecomhunt Alerts

You asked for it and we delivered – You can now get direct email alerts for products added to Ecomhunt on your terms!

Here’s how it works:

First of all, you need to create a new alert by clicking on the green New Alert button

New Alert

This will open a small white popup where you’ll have to give a name to your custom alert, and choose the preferred app from which you’re going to receive your alerts.

For this example, I’ll choose to get my alerts from Ecomhunt Classic.

Ecomhunt alert keywords

As you can see in the picture above, another section have appeared asking me to type my preferred keywords with some additional optional filters.

The optional filters are for Retail Price and the Net Margin – These filters are mostly used if you’re looking for products that will pocket in a bigger net profit.

Ecomhunt alerts custom filters

I entered 3 keywords in the niches I dropship the most and chose to leave it that way(without filters).

Clicking on the Save button is going to save this custom alert into Ecomhunt’s system. Now I’ll receive notifications every time a new product with my keywords is uploaded to Ecomhunt Classic.

Ecomhunt Alerts new Custom alert created

My new custom alert is now active and I can edit or remove it if needed.

I bet the new Ecomhunt Alerts feature is going to be one of our most popular really soon!

It answers on a BIG need a lot of dropshippers have and that’s getting the hottest products fast and only on your term.

New Pricing Plans Will Roll In This Sunday, April 10th

Ecomhunt New Pricing
The original prices are still active – Get your Pro plan now before the prices increase!

Since 2017, we haven’t raised a single cent on our monthly or yearly subscription price. On the contrary, we have been offering even a lower price on holidays and events.

Unfortunately, In order to provide the best for our dropshippers, we have no choice but to increase our prices.

This move will keep Ecomhunt always up to date and it will allow us to develop new features & apps that will help you get the dropshipping business you truly deserve.

Ecomhunt Alerts is a great example of a feature that you asked for and we developed…

And there’s also the new Ecomhunt University which is coming REALLY soon!

With entirely new content, up to date guides about dropshipping, and step-by-step guides that will take you from zero knowledge to becoming a dropshipping pro.

Like I said, the prices are going to increase this Sunday so hurry up and get your Pro membership now!

Click here to become a Pro Ecomhunt member

To Sum It Up

Ecomhunt is your all-in-one dropshipping platform that has everything you will ever need to run a successful dropshipping business.

We’re constantly evolving and developing new features to help our users with their dropshipping businesses, and to make sure our users are always ahead of the competition.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Ecomhunt family!


The Ecomhunt Team.

Get Ecomhunt Pro membership now before the prices increase!

Your membership price is never going to change and you will get the maximum level of access offered by our new plans.


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