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Ecomhunt Dropshipping Podcast Season 1: Nick Peroni Scales Over 1 Million With One Product!

Check out this interview by Ecomhunt’s Ariel Ben Solomon with one of the best dropshippers out there, Nick Peroni, where he talks about how he scaled a single product to over 1 million dollars in sales and much more!

Nick Peroni talks about what he looks for when choosing a winning product and how he used Ecomhunt to find a winning product and built a one-product store around it.

One-Product store increases perceived value and branding. General stores are getting harder and conversion is always going to be better on a one-product store.

Nick explains how running high-ticket products requires a different ads strategy and is less of an impulse buy. He says he loves Facebook marketing: “I like scaling!”

In this podcast chapter, Nick shares a lot of valuable tips with us so make sure to check it out!

Daniel Aloni is one of the leading mentors in the Ecomhunt family. Daniel is a highly experienced Print On Demand seller with multiple 6 figures successful launches.
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