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Free Dropshipping Course: Find Your First Winning Product [Part 2]

Welcome to the second part of our Free Dropshipping Course and in this part I will show you how to find your first winning product.

In this article, I’ll explain what is a winning product and how we can identify one among thousands of other products. I will show you different ways to find a winning product and not just on aliexpress.

Finding a winning product is a complicated task and it’s especially hard when you have no experience in dropshipping. It’s not something that can be done in an hour… To find success, you have to really commit and understand that finding a winning product can take A LOT of time!

But don’t worry because there are ways that can significantly lower your search time for winning products(and much more!) so you can be free to do other stuff like ads, store optimization, ad strategy planning, and test multiple products instead of just one.

The third part of this Free Dropshipping Course will be about how to find competitor ads and stores.

find winning products to dropship


1. What Is A Winning Product?

A winning product is a product that will bring you sales. In most cases, it’s an already selling product so your next step is to jump in and advertise it to make sales. A winning product can also be untapped but nowadays you rarely find products that haven’t been touched by other dropshippers.

Your best chance to make sales is to find already selling products on Facebook, Google, etc, and quickly add it to your store to sell it.

Take for example the Calming Pet Bed in the screenshot above:

It’s doing crazy numbers on Facebook and this is a 100% 6-figure product. If you want to sell it too, nothing is stopping you from adding this product to your store, creating an ad and launching ads to get sales. The problem is that you really need a good ad or a new marketing angle to get sales.

The most common mistake of new dropshippers is to copy the ad(don’t do it!), launch ads and expect sales to roll in. Instead, you should try and create a new high quality ad or think about a new marketing angle.

A new high quality ad can stop the audience from scrolling again and checking the product. Even if they saw it already, this doesn’t mean they won’t buy it from you. If your store is optimized and you have a good ad, I don’t see why you can’t make some sales. Try to sell it for a lower price and you’ll catch all those who found it expensive.

A new marketing plan can be a way of reaching an audience the original ad creator didn’t even think reaching. Maybe he’s not advertising at all to Australia? It would be a good option to advertise only to Australia then.

What about translating? You can take this product, translate it into French and sell it in France. I’m sure dog/cat owners in France will LOVE this product!

These were just some quick examples of how you can take an already selling winning product and sell it too.

And then there’s the untapped products which are super rare – This isn’t something easy to find and no matter how much research is done, you can never be sure it will sell. The problem here is that you can waste hours and even days just to eventually fail.

Of course, if you succeed and the untapped product you found is a winner, then you’re going to score big time! But you have to be fast because other dropshippers will find your product and join the party 😉

If you’re a beginner, then the best, cost efficient way is to find already selling winning products and selling them too.


2. How To Find A Winning Product?

There are different ways to find winning products – Some are more time consuming and some are less. Some methods require a bigger testing budget because you will probably fail a lot and some are much more low risk thus need less testing budget.

I’ll do my best to show you the popular methods to find winning products and also share some personal methods I use that not many are aware of.


Our place to go dropship stuff to our customers – When searching manually on Aliexpress for products I think can be winners, I usually have 2 ways to do it.

Just keep scrolling – The first method is to search for a bunch of products I’m interested in for the Aliexpress algo to register my search entries, and then just scroll down to see what products popup. If I land on something interesting I think can sell, I begin my research on that product. If everything looks good and I believe it can sell, then I list it on my store and prepare my ads.

Flash deals is also a good place to endlessly scroll in search for interesting products. I must say that I can sometimes scroll for hours just to find that one winning product!

Search for something specific – The second method is to search for specific keywords. If Mother’s Day is coming soon and I’m looking for a cool product to dropship, then I’m going to search for “Mother’s Day gifts” or just “Gift for Wife” and hope to get something interesting.

If I have a cat niche, I’ll search for cat products and if I have something specific I’m looking for like “Cat Wallet” then this is what I’m going to type. This is more to people who know what to look for or already have a niche specific dropshipping store.

What to look for when you find the winning product you want to test?

Well first of all, I check the amount of sales the product has made:

I want to dropship from a seller with good reviews and also see if this product has any interest at least on aliexpress.

The next thing I check are the reviews to see the product quality – Look for products with photo reviews. You don’t want to dropship a low quality product and later deal with refunds.

And of course, the seller’s overall feedback score and the regular stuff like price, shipping, colors, etc. Before I continue with my research, I want to be sure the product I chose is perfect.

This stylish watch I chose has been advertised a lot of Facebook and some sellers made a lot of money selling it. Still, this doesn’t mean I can’t sell this product anymore! Remember what I told you about new marketing angles and new creatives? I’ve seen plenty of “saturated” products people believed won’t sell again until some Youtuber took it and blasted it to 6 or even 7 figures.

If you’re creative enough, you can sell this product again and make decent sales!


Reddit or by its other name, The front page of the internet, is the largest community forum out there. It has billions of views each month and a lot of active communities about various topics. For us, the dropshippers, it’s a goldmine of ideas and you MUST use it to find hot products you can sell.

This is how I find products to dropship on Reddit:

1. I look for specific communities  Not like on Aliexpress, I don’t go random on Reddit. I decide on a specific niche I want to dropship to and find the community on Reddit. In this case, let’s take Fishing niche and the subreddit “r/fishing”.

It has 526k members and it’s pretty active which is a good sign because finding a product won’t be a problem. The next step is to search for specific keywords like “just bought this”, “love this”, etc, so the search returns us products people actually bought and were excited to share.

Creativity is the name of the game here – Think what the person who bought a cool fishing product will type in his title and search for it to get relevant results. In this case, I searched for “just bought this” and as you can see, I got plenty of results!

And if we look at the first result:

We already have an idea what someone who is into fishing is interested in. This pen fishing rod is probably available on aliexpress and we can add it to our store and start preparing all the necessary stuff to sell it.

This was just a quick example on how to find products we can sell on Reddit.


I have two main ways to find winning products on Facebook:

1. Click on every ad for retargeting – Every ad I see on Facebook, I usually click on it or somehow interact with it so that later I can see more ads from the same/other people. Facebook will categorize me as someone who was interested in the ad and it will show me more ads later again. I use Facebook a lot so sometimes it can be a nice surprise to be targeted by a cool ad with a winning product. If that happens, it won’t take me long to try and ride on that wave and get me some sales!

2. Use Facebook’s search and look for products – You can look for niche specific products by typing the name of the product or by just typing the name of the niche and some popular call to action phrases.

See screenshot below for example:

Fishing is the name of the niche I’m looking products in and “get it here” is a common call to action phrase marketers use. And as you can see, there’s a product video with 131k views that probably made sales.

The video ad is pretty simple without any text on it and it looks like they just ran it with zero effort… Summer is coming soon and in my opinion, this product may do a comeback if you can create a better ad and just market it better.

Let’s try looking for some gym products:

I simply typed “Gym” and a popular call to action phrase to get some results of what looks like really good products. They made sales some time ago and there’s no better time to try and sell these again in a couple of months.

The key here is to be creative to find profitable products you can sell.



Ecomhunt is a no-brainer really when it comes to finding winning products. In my opinion, it’s a must tool for every dropshipper out there to find profitable winning products that are selling right now(and in the past). This is the least time consuming method to find winning products you can dropship right now and if you’re a beginner, I recommend jumping on it.

When I look for products to dropship, I first check what’s new on Ecomhunt. There I can easily find product price, direct link to stores and Facebook ads which is good because I HATE manually researching for everything myself…

With only one click, I get access to everything I need and the second click is to import it to my Shopify store using Oberlo.

On top of that, you have a list of Instagram Influencers by category, targeting suggestions and more products from the same niche you can dropship. If you’re a beginner and need help, I recommend using the live chat with Jack Kaching.

Even the description is there for you to get inspiration and not waste time thinking what to write – As you know, copying aliexpress descriptions is a big NO-NO.

Here are the 3 ways I use to pick winning products from Ecomhunt:

  1. Simply scroll through the products till I find something I like – The method almost everyone is using. Nothing special about it and it really depends on your taste or on the niche you’re currently in.
  2. Testing products I don’t really connect with – It takes time but eventually you can’t just test products that you connect with. I, for example, never sold products in the beauty niche so I was missing a lot of winners only because I wasn’t ready to test them. Nowadays, I force myself to test products I don’t “like” so I don’t miss any potential winners.
  3. Testing products from old pages on Ecomhunt – Don’t ignore old products, even if they made plenty of sales. These products are not “saturated” and if marketed again correctly, you can make bank again and again. Plenty of examples of Youtubers taking old products from Ecomhunt and making TONS of sales! Don’t ignore old products thinking they won’t sell again… Find a new marketing angle or create a fresh ad and launch your ads. If everything is setup correctly, sales will come!

When a winning product is found and I decide to test it, I have no need to look for ads, reviews, shopify store, etc to launch ads. It saves me a lot of time I use for the really important stuff like create a stunning video ad or plan a strategy to sell the product.


To Sum It Up:

This article covered everything you need to know to find winning products you can sell. Some of the methods are time consuming, some require being more creative than the usual, and some have everything you need in one place.

It’s up to you to decide how much time you’re willing to spend on finding a winning product… Personally, I prefer having it all in one place and not waste hours manually researching on various websites. This gives me plenty of extra time to work on my store and on my ads.

And I strongly recommend you follow my advice to have extra time for the important stuff.

Hope you liked the second part of this free dropshipping course.

Good luck!


Struggling to find good products to sell? Not sure who’s your target audience? Tired of losing money on products you were sure were “winners”?

Then Ecomhunt is what you need! Find hot winning products that are added daily, spy on their ads & stores and import them into your store in 1 click and Start Selling Today!

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