Whats up everybody !

Mordechai Arba here founder and CEO of Ecomhunt with some amazing features!
These new features will speed up your work and of course give you extra advantage on your competitors and help you spend less money on highly competitive products.

Watch the video to learn all about them:

Click here to see the features in action => https://ecomhunt.com

Feature 1:
Saturation Inspector

How to use?
Each product we upload to Ecomhunt will get an auto generation stores search based on the product keywords and find other stores that are selling this same product.

The saturation inspector will show you how many stores are now selling this product, lot of store selling this product = lot of competition 😉

Feature 2:
Ecomhunt Shopify Products Import

How to use?
Can’t be easier ! all you have to do is click the import button, install the Ecomhunt app and you are all set! one click import from Ecomhunt to Shopify is on!

Got ideas, new features? Comment below !


  1. Hello
    Mordechai Arba,
    It was a great work and I’ve been wondering why you haven’t been doing it for a long time and I wanted to give you the idea to ask you this. You finally did it. Thank you for that. However, after installing the instructions, the product wasn’t transferred to my sales page and it always goes between the Shopify – make many pages (the page with your products). I couldn’t figure that out.

  2. Hi Mordechai. I love the new features. I am just wondering why it seems like after 4 days, the import buttons all change to Oberlo? It would be nice if you were to give us non-Oberlo users a week to discover & import the product. Either way, at least being aware of the anomaly, I just have to check the site more often. LOL. Thanks!

    Ginger Gee


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