According to Ahrefs, their blog ranks on the first page of Google for more than 13,600 keywords, and here are tips on how they do it.

  1. Do not waste your time on things that do not matter and that are untrue, such as using long-form content because you think it ranks better.
  2. Remember that search intent is critical.
  3. Use quality title tags.
  4. Refresh declining content.
  5. Improve key pages with internal links.
  6. Improve page experience signals by using the Core Web Vitals report in the Google Search Console or the Performance report in Ahref’s Site Audit.
  7. Use mixed-intent keywords, as people often look for different things in a search. Focus on the dominant intent, according to Ahrefs.
  8. Include FAQ sections and possibly rank for the content.
  9. Quote experts, as this adds authority to your website.
  10. Optimize featured excerpts from top-ranking pages that show up in search results.
  11. Upgrade image backlinks so others can share your custom pictures
  12. Fix dead pages with backlinks and redirect the page.
  13. Run an annual content audit.
  14. Build more backlinks.


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