There are ways besides using Google Keyword Planner to research keywords.

Here are 10 free ways to enhance your SEO research, according to Ahrefs.

  1. Google Trends
  2. Keyword Generator
  3. Keyword Sheeter
  4. Answer the Public
  5. Keyword Surfer
  6. Keyworddit
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Questiondb
  9. Bulk Keyword Generator
  10. Google

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator allows you to find up to 150 keyword ideas from over 170 countries. You can also find keyword ideas for Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Keyword Sheeter uses autocomplete suggestions from Google.

Answer the Public finds questions and comparisons answer who, what, why m where, how, which, when, and is. You enter one or two words and let the program find various ideas.

Keyword Surfer is a Chrome extension that shows estimated monthly search volumes for Google searches.

Keyworddit gets ideas from Reddit.

Google Search Console tracks a website’s organic search and keywords that are ranking for.

Questiondb finds questions people are asking about a keyword.

Bulk Keyword Generator is a tool that shows you local SEO by industry type and location.


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