Nearly two thirds of eCommerce companies are removing their products from advertising, according to the recently released Feed Marketing Report by DataFeedWatch by

DataFeedWatch’s data comes form the analysis of over 15 thousand online stores across 60+ countries.

Due to market price sensitivity and ongoing product shortages, roughly 65% of eCommerce enterprises are decreasing the size of their advertised product catalogs. Although some industries have recovered from persistent supply availability issues, many are still fighting to maintain stock levels.

In response to rising inflation, retailers are providing discounts on 26.49% of all marketed goods. The Fashion category leads with 37%, followed by the Health & Beauty and Furniture sectors, each with around 33% discounted inventory.

“Most retailers continue to lean on the search-based [over 90% of merchants] and social channels [54%] as the foundation of their online presence.” said Jacques van der Wilt, General Manager Feed Marketing at

“However, with the looming recession and declining performance on meta channels like Facebook or Instagram, we expect the affiliate channels to grow in popularity,” he added.


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