US adults are watching YouTube more on connected TVs and less on mobile phones, according to a report by Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.

This is the first time less than half of the time spent on YouTube will be on mobile devices.

“YouTube viewing is still increasing on mobile, but growth is much faster on other connected devices like smart TVs and game consoles,” stated the report.

Google’s video platform is expected to continue to grow in TV use.

US Share of Average Time Spent per Day with YouTube, by Device, 2020-2024 (% of total time spent with YouTube)
Insider Intelligence/eMarketer

The graph shows that mobile YouTube viewers have been decreasing since 2020, and by 2024 it is predicted that 47.9% of viewers will be watching on mobile.

Concurrently, YouTube watching on TV screens has been growing since 2020, when 30.5% watched this way, until 2024, when it is predicted that nearly 40% of viewers will be watching on TVs.


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