3 Smart Tricks Pro Dropshippers Use To Get More Sales On Their Online Stores
3 Smart Tricks Pro Dropshippers Use To Get More Sales On Their Online Stores

These are the 3 tricks professional dropshippers use to increase their online store sales.

Getting sales on your online store isn’t a simple task, and it requires time and money to really succeed in the world of e-commerce.

But there are some tricks out there that Pro Dropshippers use which can increase your success chances and get you more sales.

So if you’re looking for smart ways to either increase your sales, or to jumpstart your dropshipping business, then this article is exactly what you’re looking for.


find winning products to dropship

1. Finding An Upgrade For An Existing Winning Product

Finding an upgrade for winning product

The first trick on our list is finding an upgraded version of an already existing winning product.

This is pretty neat tricks that allows you to sell the same “old & saturated” product again by presenting it as a totally new product.

The picture above is a great example of a winning product that was once selling really well on Facebook and other ad platforms, until it became a bit too saturated for some time.

Now… Some dropshippers out there were still able to sell the same product by creating fresh creatives to show their target audience. But this, of course, requires more work and it becomes harder over time.

But other dropshippers decided to just look for an upgraded version of the same product, and behold – The same pet bed, just a different version of it, is going VIRAL again on Facebook.

Calming pet bed Facebook ad

So basically, you have a totally “new” product in your hands with fresh footage to work with for your ads which makes it much simpler to sell and explode with the same product again.

The only thing that was needed to be done is to search on Aliexpress for different versions of the same pet bed. And the first ones to find it were able to pocket in a lot of profit!

So the next time you’re looking for a winning product on Ecomhunt, remember that you can always look for a different version of the same product.

Maybe you’ll find a much better version of the same winning product that not many dropshippers have touched yet.

2. Selling Your Products By Promoting Blog Posts From Your Store

Selling Your Products By Promoting Blog Posts From Your Store

The second trick is a bit more complicated because it requires more time to make it work properly and a small money investment as well.

It’s not by chance every Shopify store has a blog section by default – It’s not there by mistake and it isn’t meant to be just a “decoration” for your store.

This blog section is there for a reason… And the reason is to help you get more traffic to your store which will eventually convert into actual sales.

So first of all, start by writing stuff about your store and about the services you offer. Consistency is key so make sure to post at least 1 post per week.

This shouldn’t be too hard, even if you do all the writing alone. You don’t have to be a pro writer for regular posts, just learn a bit about SEO and post structure and you should be good.

With this, you will start getting extra traffic to your store for free and if you link to your products in your articles, you should be making some sales.

Now the second stage is different and this one is actually promoting your own posts to make sales. And this stage will require more professionalism from your side.

You’ll have to get someone to write the posts for you, in a way that will both rank up high on Google and get you the highest conversion rate possible.

Fiverr blog article

You can promote these posts directly on Facebook or other ad platform, and if your reader like your content then it’s possible they’ll click on a link and buy your product.

This type of promotion is a more gentle one which doesn’t just scream “BUY MY PRODUCT NOW!” – First you give them value, like a cooking recipe or a some kind of guide, and only after that you sell them your product.

This method should also get you much more clicks because as I already said you’re not selling them anything.

If you plan to hold your store for the long-run, then having an active blog on your store is a must have!

3. “Inventing” a Problem

Inventing a problem

As you already know, the best products to sell are the problem solving ones. If there’s a problem out there and your product is the solution to it, then sales are a guarantee!

But what if the product we’re trying to sell doesn’t really solve a problem?

Let’s say for example these comfortable Women shoes

Comfortable Women Shoes

or this mounted toilet paper holder.

Mounted toilet paper holder Aliexpress

Both of these products are something people would definitely want to have but they don’t really solve any problem.

So if you sell them as it is, you’ll probably get some sales but nothing close to a product that actually solves a problem…

But there’s a solution:

What if we “invent” a problem? With some products like the shoes it will be easier but for other products, like the toilet paper holder, it will require us to be a bit more creative than usual.

So if we invent a problem, then for the shoes it’s quite simple – These shoes can be a hit with nurses who work all day long standing on their feet.

So to sell these shoes, we are going to target Nurses and create a video ad that talks to nurses.

We can start by creating a video ad that shows a tired nurse standing and in pain. Right after that, we can show these shoes as something that will solve ALL their problems because now their feet won’t hurt that much!

And by targeting nurses, and not just Women in general, we can potentially make much more sales.

And just like that, we created a problem and solved it 😉

With the toilet paper holder, it’s a bit different because it isn’t that simple to think of a problem. But as a cat owner, I know what it is to leave a roll of toilet paper unsupervised lol.

Cat Funny Cats GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

And here we are again, a simple general product suddenly solves a problem for a pretty big audience which are the cat owners.

And now that we have our target audience, all we need is to create an ad and adjust it to fit our target audience – We can start by showing cats tearing up toilet paper rolls and offer our elegant mounted toilet paper holder as the solution.

And just like that, we have increased our selling chances.

To Sum It Up

As you can see, these tricks aren’t ground breaking but they’re good enough to bring you extra traffic & sales to your store.

And sometimes, these can even jumpstart your dropshipping business and bring you the profit you always dreamt about.

So before jumping to a different product or closing down your store, try implementing one of these tricks and maybe sales will start to roll in!

If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Good Luck!

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