Facebook said on Wednesday that due to Apple’s iOS update which makes tracking conversions more difficult, it is underreporting website conversions by about 15%.

“The cost of achieving your business outcome may have increased and it’s also gotten harder to measure your campaigns on our platform,” Graham Mudd, vice president of product marketing at Facebook acknowledged in a blog post.

Mudd recommends taking certain steps to maximize Facebook ad campaigns. He says that one should wait a minimum of 72 hours or the full length of the optimization window selected before coming to conclusions about a conversion campaign.

Further, the senior Facebook official said that one should analyze at the campaign level and not adset or ad level because some of the conversions may be reported with a delay.

Set up the Conversions API to optimize ad campaigns to more accurately measure results, he recommends.

“Over the coming months, we’ll continue to introduce new tools to further help with delivery effectiveness and measurement,” said Mudd.


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