Shopify listed the top trending product categories on the platform from February to August and the top spot went to toys.

Toys grew sharply in the first half of 2021 which included action figures, arts and crafts, building sets, dolls, games and puzzles, infant and toddler toys, youth electronics, plush toys, miniature vehicle replicas, explorative toys, and outdoor and sports toys, according to the Shopify blog.

The global toy market is valued at $110.97 billion and the top country was Canada.

The second most popular category was shoes, with the top market also being Canada.

Interestingly, drills were number five, and GPS navigation systems seven. For drills, the US was the top market and Brazile was best for GPS systems.

Here is the full list by Shopify:

  1. Toys
  2. Shoes
  3. Pens and pencils
  4. Decorative bottles
  5. Drills
  6. Cutters
  7. GPS navigation systems
  8. Bras
  9. Motor vehicle parts
  10. Office chairs
  11. Projectors
  12. Kitchen towels
  13. Digital artwork
  14. Eyebrow enhancers
  15. Neon signs
  16. Tablet computers
  17. Water bottles

The top market for bras was in the Philippines.

The top market for motor vehicle parts was France. Vehicle parts include tires, batteries, brake parts, filters, body parts lighting components, wheels, exhaust components, and turbochargers.


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