Peter Pru Youtube channel

Popular dropship influencer Peter Pru explained the three criteria he has for finding winning products in a recent Youtube video.

The three criteria are: “How does the product save your customer time? How does your product save your customer money? And is there a just got to have it appeal to the product?”

You want to try to “at least hit two of these criteria,” said Pru, adding that if you can get all three it is even better.

One such product he mentioned is a golf glove holder which can be found on Aliexpress here. One of the pain points for golfers, he said, is that the gloves become gross so this product can save the customer money since you can get more use out of the gloves. Pru said he had sold this product and made money on it years ago. The “wow factor” of the product is that it is not commonly seen in stores.

Another product he mentioned is a magic clothes folder which can be found on Aliexpress here.

This product saves the customer time by facilitating the folding of clothes and solves a pain point with a “just got to have it appeal,” he continued.


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