How to spy on winning ads #shorts, by Davie Fogarty, Aug. 16, 2021

Davie Fogarty, the founder, and CEO of Oodie and a rising influencer in e-commerce with a popular Youtube channel recommends Ecomhunt’s Chrome extension tool that allows you to spy on winning Facebook ads.

In Fogarty’s latest Youtube video, he says, “This is a great way for you to actually start learning a lot about the content that you need to produce to make it convert and you can get a really good idea about what products are selling.”

The video then recommends going to Ecomhunt in order to use its Chrome Extension tool to discover viral ads on Facebook.

In another video on May 23, Fogarty reveals tips on how to find winning dropshipping products and one method he recommends is using Ecomhunt.


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