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Winning Product #16: Motorcycle Heated Gloves With Full Testing Strategy Using Facebook Ads

This week’s product are these heated motorcycle gloves.

The perfect product for Bikers this winter to keep their hands warm! It’s really popular right now on aliexpress with a lot good text and photo reviews. We will target everyone who has a bike and won’t limit ourselves to the heavy bikers only. And we’re also going to target certain countries I think has better chance of selling – Keep reading and you’ll know why 😉

So let’s jump in and see how can we sell these heated gloves with ad examples, selling strategies and more.

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1. Campaign Type & Optimization:

I begin with Website Conversion campaign optimised for Purchase. I don’t care about having zero data and the red color “warnings”. I ALWAYS go with a Website conversion campaign optimised for purchases.

If your ad, targeting and product are good then you will see link clicks followed by actions on your site.

Sometimes, I may choose the “Add to Cart” optimisation and that works too(Sometimes it can even work better than purchase optimisation). Each ad account acts differently and this is something you will have to test for yourself.

Facebook tries to scare us because we’re using a pixel with no data and warns us that we won’t get any sales. This is their way to drive us into choosing a different optimization event to milk even more money from us. They want us to start from View Content optimization and slowly progress to Purchase optimization. And by doing that we will burn a lot of money…

And I usually go with 1 day click conversion window.


2. Number of Adsets & Daily Budget:

I recommend launching 3 to 5 testing adsets per campaign. You should test out different targeting options, different audiences, different ad types and not just launch 5 identical adsets.

Recommended daily budget that I successfully use: $7~$10

I usually go with $8+ budgets.


3. Targeting & Strategy:

Plenty of ways to target here so I decided to try these three ways:

  1. Targeting heavy bikers: The “scary” bikers with their Harleys, leather jackets and tattoos. It’s a really passionate audience and one of the best niches back in the POD days. You bring them something you like and the sales will come!
  2. Targeting all motorcycle owners: Plenty of motorcycle interests to target – Basic targeting with relevant interests.
  3. Targeting motorcycle owners in countries where there’s rain and not snow: Countries like Israel, Spain, Italy, Portugal have snow only in certain parts and the winter is just cold weather + rain. I believe that if it snows outside, you can’t really ride your bike… But if it rains like in my country, then you can still hit the road. So these gloves will be pretty handy here 😉

The targeting:

  1. Men(age 30-65+) & heavy bike interests – Explained above.
  2. Men(age 22-65+) & motorcycle interests – Explained above.
  3. Men(age 22-54) in certain countries & targeting popular motorcycle brands(mostly small/medium sized bikes) – Vespas, small and heavy scooters are most popular in these countries and you can still ride them during the winter. You just need to keep yourself warm 🙂

Men(age 30-65+) & heavy bike interests:

Men(age 22-65+) & motorcycle interests:

Men(age 22-54) in certain countries & targeting popular motorcycle brands(mostly small/medium sized bikes):

Possible targeting: Fast food delivery guys!


4. Ad placements:

I usually start only with Facebook feed but sometimes I mix it up and run it also on Instagram feed. Although if I decide advertising on Instagram then I usually separate and run a new adset only for Instagram users.

It’s just something I prefer doing but in both cases it should still work.

I run ads both on desktop and mobile. For Instagram ads, I target mobile users only.

Note: As you can see in this picture, I attached another “scare tactic” from Facebook that pushes you to basically spend more money by either raising your budget or going for a different optimization event. Do not be scared and run website conversion campaign optimised for purchase even if you have zero pixel data.


5. Ad Type & Copy:

We have some cool pictures we can use but in my opinion, this product requires a video to really sell. Even a simple video that can show in 3d animation how the heat travels through the glove. If you look on Fiverr, there are some gigs there that can animate a product for a pretty cheap price. I think it’s worth a shot to order a 3d function animation for this product.

Or we always have the option to ask the aliexpress seller for additional footage.

The glove photo I’m about to use looks cool and if you’re in a hurry, I think you can try and test it with a photo ad. It looks cool and it will definitely catch the attention of some bikers 🙂

Here are the photo ads and ad text examples I created.


1200×1500 photo ad:

Another option:


6. Product Pricing & Selling Strategy:

Setting a price is an important step that if done right will help you keep getting sales with a healthy conversion rate. And if done wrong, your conversion rate is going to suck or you won’t even get any sales.

Product price on aliexpress is $31.6 and shipping is free.

It’s not a cheap product but it’s a quality one so make sure your product page is perfectly structured. Use the photos you can find on the seller’s page and import all the reviews. A price tag of $49.99 + Free Shipping will be fair for this product and it will leave us enough profit to make.

Styles: Offer just the glove you see in the photos with 2 batteries + charger.

Selling Strategy:

I don’t see people buying more than one pair of gloves so quantity discounts isn’t needed in this case. An upsell like a bike rain cover or some other utility may work here so feel free to try it – My personal advice is to sell this product as it is without any upsells. Let’s focus first on getting a sale as fast as possible and later we can use email marketing and retargeting ads to sell them related products 🙂

What we should use is some scarcity tactics like deal of the day timer, promotional message & quantity timer. To do that you will have to install a Shopify app and I recommend installing Ultimate Sales Boost. The free version has everything you need and it has almost no limitations.

The second app you must have is a good exit popup. It’s not a cheap product and some people probably won’t like the price so they’ll leave… But with an exit popup app, we can catch them before they leave and get them a special discount. The one app I recommend is the Emojix Shopify app because it does a really good job at catching the attention of my customers with a cool quiz. It has a free 14 days trial and it’s pretty cheap. *Make sure to activate the timer on that app!*


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Bikers can be a bit picky but if it’s a good product that solves a problem, they won’t hesistate to purchase it. This is a HUGE niche and this product can be your entry ticket to this niche. Even if you don’t succeed selling this product, there are a lot of other products you can try!

I hope you liked this week’s winning product article – Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Good luck!

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  1. So setup the campaigns you have listed above. The one for Men(age 22-54) in certain countries I have been getting a lot of people adding it to cart but then they leave. The others facebook has not approved for whatever reason. My question is why would so many people be putting it in the cart and then leaving? I could really use some help since I am new to shopify

    • Could be a lot of reasons actually…
      Some like to add product to the cart so they can later “return” to your store and buy(but unfortunately, they almost never return). Some do it to actually buy but something stopped them. And plenty of other reasons…

      Now to help you, please share with me more info 🙂

      What countries did you target? How many add to carts? How much money spent? How many adsets launched? Daily budget per adset? CBO or regular campaign? How much cost per link click? Any other events except Add to Cart? (Initiate checkout maybe?), Video ad or Photo ad? For how much did you price your product?

      2. Install Hotjar to record people in your store. Sometimes there’s a problem and hotjar(free version) can be a good way to understand what happened.

      3. Launch retargeting ads: Create custom audience from visitors and launch retargeting ads. Even show them the same ad just so they click it again. It would be best if you can create a new retargeting ad and maybe show them the product from different angle. maybe a photo ad if you launched only video ads? Offer a small discount to get them buy. Lots of options here, be creative 🙂

      Will be waiting for your reply 🙂


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