Hey there!

Mordechai Arba here from Ecomhunt with a new 100% FREE
app to help you make more money with your store and huge success with Facebook ads.

This app will give the power to Hunt down any sponsored ad on Facebook and
reveal your competitor ads performance LIVE!!

AdHunter is the first chrome extension of this kind.

I have made for you a quick video tutorial to help you getting started:

Ready to Hunt down your competitors Facebook ads?
Click Here to install AdHunter 100% FREE

(I’m not sure for how long AdHunter will be free… but if u install now I promise you it will stay free lifetime for you.)

For any question/ bug report/ ideas:
[email protected]



  1. Hello
    I have a problem
    When I open the add-on ask me to log in, and after logging in I open the add-on again asking me to log in again,

  2. have installed the extension and have done everything as instructed in the video but its not working. when i switch on Show only sponsored posts its just reloads the page and nothing happens

  3. How can i start HUNT the product…

    I have installed Ad-hunter chrome extension on my browser.

    What i have been tried was type in a product at the search option on the FB ex: watch and there is few Watch Ads comes up, but there is no GREEN Hunt button (magical Button) on my FB dashboard Ads for adding to my HUNT product. Also there is no button left side of EcomHunt button on the top right side.

    Please advise

  4. Not working for me at all . I cant see the button.

    I tried
    1) disconnect from ecomhunt
    2) close all ecomhunt tabs
    3) open the extension click login and it should work ?

  5. Extension no longer works. The button doesn’t show up on the ads in my feed. I have tried to remove and reinstall but that doesn’t help.

  6. Hi Mordechai,

    When I tried to click on the AdHunter button (its greyed out) on sponsored posts, it says “cannot track this post due to its privacy settings”.

    Actually I have not been able to even click and save a sponsored post because of this.

  7. Hi,
    I am new in EcomHunt. Had just create a free account for a while.
    Do those suppliers offfer dropshipping or should I make stock of the products?

    Rgds, Budi


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