Google is launching numerous initiatives to improve the quality of its search results, the company announced on its website on March 5.

Google stated, “We’re making algorithmic enhancements to our core ranking systems to ensure we surface the most helpful information on the web and reduce unoriginal content in search results.”

“We’re updating our spam policies to keep the lowest-quality content out of Search, like expired websites repurposed as spam repositories by new owners and obituary spam,” the company added.

Google explained the changes: “This update involves refining some of our core ranking systems to help us better understand if webpages are unhelpful, have a poor user experience or feel like they were created for search engines instead of people.”

The post explained that websites with exceptional content may host low-quality content given by third parties to capitalize on the hosting site’s high reputation.

“Expired domains that are purchased and repurposed with the intention of boosting the search ranking of low-quality content are now considered spam,” Google stated.


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