FedEx, the logistics giant, announced Monday the launch of its own commerce platform dubbed FDX.

The platform will most likely compete with Amazon by providing merchants with services such as demand generation, fulfillment, tracking, and post-purchase experiences such as returns, reported TechCrunch.

Fedex stated that FDX is now under private preview, with a wider launch planned for fall 2024. Businesses can express interest in trying it out by filling out a form. The company did not name any of the brands involved in the test program.

FedEx’s statement contains several marketing buzzwords such as “data-driven,” “digitally-led,” and “end-to-end e-commerce solution for businesses of all sizes.” Still, it lacks details on how it will compete with existing platforms.

According to the firm, retailers may utilize FedEx services such as ShopRunner — an e-commerce platform it purchased in 2020 — to connect customers, offer expected delivery times on websites, handle carts, track items, and manage returns.


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