According to a couple of Meta support pages that were inconspicuously changed, Instagram and Facebook’s messaging services will no longer be cross-compatible beginning in mid-December.

The Verge noticed the changes and reported that when the feature is removed, you will no longer be able to start new cross-platform chats, and current discussions between services will become read-only.

It is unknown when the pages were modified; however, the notification was visible on Instagram as of November 21st.

Meta spokesperson Alex Dziedzan confirmed the change to The Verge: “A few years ago, we introduced a new Messenger experience in Instagram DMs which enabled people to message and call a FB account (Messenger) from an Instagram account and vice versa. Starting in mid-December, we will begin removing this feature.”

However, there is a theory that connecting Meta’s services would make a possible split of Facebook, Instagram, and, eventually, WhatsApp more difficult, noted the report. This comes as Meta is dealing with strict new EU antitrust rules.


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