Mavrck says that about 98% of creators use Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels.

According to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer, this means that Instagram is used by creators more than TikTok, Facebook, and other popular social networks.

About 60% of US social network users will use Instagram this year, indicating that the platform is still at the forefront of influencer marketing, according to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.

Instagram is positioned to maintain its dominance thanks to the possibility of high-paying partnerships and its recently launched performance-based monetization model.

On the other hand, TikTok is not far behind Instagram, with 89.6% of US producers planning to share sponsored video content on the site this year. Its algorithm has been an enormous appeal for aspiring, video-first creators, allowing them to create audiences more quickly than on other platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.


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