Instagram and Facebook users in Europe now have more alternatives to opt out of Meta’s recommendation algorithms, according to a blog post published today by the company.

The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), one of the most extensive pieces of internet regulation, will begin to completely apply to Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms and services later this month.

According to the post written by Meta’s head of global relations, Nick Clegg, European users could use Facebook and Instagram services like Reels, Stories, and Search without seeing content ranked by Meta’s recommendation algorithms.

“We’re now giving our European community the option to view and discover content on Reels, Stories, Search and other parts of Facebook and Instagram that is not ranked by Meta using these systems,” wrote Clegg.

“For example, on Facebook and Instagram, users will have the option to view Stories and Reels only from people they follow, ranked in chronological order, newest to oldest.”


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