Meta’s Instagram now allows businesses to place advertising on the Explore homepage, which is the grid of images and videos you land on when opening the tab, in addition to the ads we already see when browsing through feeds on the Explore page.

Meta stated, “We are also beginning to test ads in profile feed, which is the feed experience that people can scroll through after visiting another account’s profile and tapping on a post.”

“As a part of this test, we will experiment with a monetization opportunity that will allow eligible creators to earn extra income from ads displayed in their profile feeds, beginning with select U.S. creators,” said Meta.

Instagram shared a picture of what the ad would look like:


In addition, when a person views an ad, underneath, there will be AI-powered multi-advertiser ads that show what Instagram thinks may interest the user.

“We’ve found that adding multi-advertiser contextual ads to existing Instagram feed ads campaigns outperformed running campaigns for the Purchase outcome compared to those that did not include multi-advertiser ads,” stated Meta.


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