Twitter announced a new feature called Product Drops that allows merchants to notify their followers to get updated on new product releases.

The new shopping feature updates shoppers about new product launches.


“With Product Drops, when a merchant Tweets about an upcoming launch, you’ll see a ‘Remind me’ button at the bottom of the Tweet. With one tap, you can request to be reminded of the Drop,” stated Twitter.

Then on launch day, the user would get an in-app notification 15 minutes before and at the time of the launch.

“When you click on the notification, you’ll see a ‘Shop on website’ button to purchase the item on the merchant’s website,” explained Twitter.

This new feature is now only available to shoppers in the US who use Twitter in English on iOS devices and with selected brands. Brands with upcoming drops include @Dior@Fossil x @JeffStaple@HomeDepot@LEGO_Group, and @unionlosangeles.


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