Davie Fogarty (Wikimedia Commons)

Popular dropshipping influencer Davie Fogarty mentions Ecomhunt as a tool to find new products in his new YouTube Shopify Tutorial.

“Basically they give you a whole range of products that are ready to dropship,” said Fogarty about Ecomhunt.

“They [Ecomhunt] give you the profits and analytics and everything,” he added. Fogarty opened Ecomhunt and showed his audience how it is used and how you can then go right to the AliExpress page of the product.

Fogarty released the new video on Saturday titled “Complete Shopify Tutorial 2022 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch For Beginners.”

Fogarty has one of the leading channels on dropshipping. He created The Oodie brand using Shopify, which became highly successful.


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