TikTok has exploded as a leading social media platform, and brands are racing to use it in their marketing campaigns.

According to an article in SearchEngineJournal on Monday, TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes videos based on their popularity, and therefore it is necessary to use trending hashtags.

It is also essential to find a balance between entertainment and promotion because if the video is too much of an advertisement, fewer people will view it.

Another tip is to use experienced TikTok influencers with a proven record of quality content creation.

According to the article, TikTok users prefer to view the video in portrait mode so consider using 9:16 video format, so your video takes up the entire screen.

Use clickable call to action buttons to bring potential consumers to your website.

According to the report, another crucial point is that videos between 21 and 34 seconds are ideal for effective ads.

Remember to use captions so that viewers watching without sound can also get your marketing message.


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