Use SMS to automate contact with customers and those that leave items in their cart.

According to an article by MobileMarketing, use SMS to boost your revenue in 2022 by making personal connections with customers. The message can mention their name, offer discounts, and other offers, and send replies to their questions.

The more you offer relevant information, the more you build trust.

SMS can be used to keep customers up to date and customer service.

In addition, according to the article, SMS can be used to send surveys and get feedback or reviews from your customers.

According to the article, here are a few reasons why you should be using SMS:

– It is cost-effective and produces high returns and with a low cost

– SMS is instant and has higher open rates than email

– It is personal and global

– SMS allows for targeting existing customers

– The SMS platform can create a back and forth conversation with customers and potential customers.


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