SMS marketing is an underutilized way to reach your customers. Here are 10 text marketing tips from an article in allBusiness.

5 texting tips to do

1. Identify yourself and the company to add a human touch and appear more authentic.

2. Add another personal touch by using your customer’s name.

3. The style of your message should be friendly.

4. SMS marketing should include a call to action.

5. Add urgency by limiting the discount time or letting customers know the stock is running out.

5 texting tips of what NOT to do

1. Do not use slang or informal language as it may turn off some buyers.

2. Try not to go over the 160-word count as if you do, the SMS messages will be split into two messages and can be received out of order.

3. Do not use long links

4. SMS should be about making things easy for your purchasers

5. Only text if you get consent from the customer.


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