22 Hot Winning Products To Sell On Valentine's Day 2022
22 Hot Winning Products To Sell On Valentine's Day 2022

If you’re looking for products to sell on Valentine’s Day 2022, then we have the perfect winning product suggestions coming straight from Ecomhunt and Aliexpress.

Check out these 22 hot product you absolutely must sell on Valentine’s Day 2022!

Personalized products, DIY products, Jewelry, men’s and women’s watches, Valentines niche specific products, and more are in this list.

We have the classic winning products that sell each year and some other products I bet you never even thought about selling on Valentine’s Day.

So make sure to check out this list so you don’t potentially miss your next big winner.


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1. Enchanted Sparkly Rose

Enchanted Sparkly Rose

This sparkly rose is exploding with sales this Christmas and I am 100% sure it will do the same(or even better) numbers on Valentine’s Day 2022.

The good thing about this product is that you don’t have to create engaging video ads for it to sell. A great looking photo ad is enough to get you started and there are plenty of the available.

The price on Aliexpress for this rose is about $15 with free shipping which leaves us a nice profit margin of at least $15 if we sell it for $29.99.

In my opinion, you can easily sell this rose for $39.99 + free shipping because it’s one of the best looking Valentine’s Day gifts out there.

2. Couple Rings

Black Couple Rings

A bit kitschy I know, but I still think these rings can sell really well if you target the right audience. These rings have plenty of orders on Aliexpress and barely cost $1 each.

The Aliexpress seller page has plenty of high quality photos you can use and a really good video too. All you have to do is market it to the right audience and hopefully sales will roll in.

I think your target audience should be young couples and you shouldn’t price these rings for more than $29.99.

3. Rosy Bear

Rosy bear

This is that one gift you see every Valentine’s Day and each year some “lucky” dropshipper manages to really explode with this one product and make bank.

If you’re afraid of selling old products just because you think they’re saturated, then take a look at this Rosy Bear product which explodes every Valentine’s Day again and again…

If you market it the same way as others did in the past, then it will definitely not work for you. You’ll just end up losing money and precious time.

But if you’re willing to put some work and get new marketing material for this product, then there’s a good chance to end up with some good sales.

Your target audience and Facebook LOVE seeing new content so do your homework by creating some stunning new ads to explode with this product this Valentine’s Day.

The price on Aliexpress starts at $7 for the small bear and goes up to $15 for the big one. You can price it for $29.99 and $39.99 accordingly and pocket in a nice profit.

Pro tip:

Make it easier for your customers to choose by offering 3 to 5 color options. There’s absolutely no need to offer a dozen color options so just go with the most popular ones.

4. Sparkly Rose V2

Sparkly Rose v2

This is just to show you that there are different product variations on Aliexpress and you don’t always have to stick to what is recommended here.

This version of the sparkly rose is almost the same as the one above, but it doesn’t have any additional features like the kissing couple toy at the bottom.

For each product that sold well in the past, there’s sometimes a newer version no one has sold yet. Always look for newer versions of old winning products on Aliexpress and maybe you’ll land on a product not many have tried selling yet.

5. Titanic Blue Heart Necklace

Titanic blue heart necklace

If Jack from Titanic was a dropshipper, he wouldn’t have the time to draw Rose like one of his French girls. Instead he would be preparing ads to sell this beautiful Titanic pendant 😉

This pendant is a great gift for Titanic fanatics and Valentine’s Day is just the right time to gift it for your girl. So for targeting, we should be looking for men & women who like Titanic and the lead actors of this movie as well.

This pendant is about $3 on Aliexpress and we can easily sell it for $19.99 or even $29.99 with Free Shipping.


This product may have some copyright issues when selling it so do it at your own risk. If it were me selling it, I would not mention Titanic anywhere in my ad.

Just by targeting Titanic related interests, you should be hitting the right audience who will recognize this product.

6. Romantic 3D Lamps

romantic 3D lamps

Home Decor Valentine’s Day gifts are very popular right now and products like these 3d lamps can sell really well with the right ad.

What I love about this product is that you have plenty of different variations to choose from and this gives us the room to combine different niches together and get to new audience others haven’t touched.

For example:

Instead of just targeting people who are in a relationship and hope for the best, you can add another interest like “Bunnies” and get to people who like bunnies.

Show them the bunny lamp in your ad and you might land a sale. Or show them all the lamps and let them choose the one they like the most.

This lamp sells on Aliexpress for about $9 including shipping so you can price it for $29.99 or $39.99 on your store and get a nice profit from it.

Photo ads may work for this product but I suggest using a video ad to show how these lamps would look for real.

7. Valentines Strange Looking But Cute Faceless Dolls

Valentines kiss me faceless dolls

As I was looking for products to sell on Valentine’s Day, I stumbled on these strange looking dolls. I must say that they’re looking pretty weird but at the same time they’re still kinda cute…

I have absolutely no idea if they’re related to some niche but I looked for some more dolls like this ones on Aliexpress and saw that they’re indeed selling.

I personally think they’re worth a try this Valentine’s Day – Maybe not as a main product where you put most of your focus on, but on the side with minimum offer just to see if you can make them sell.

You can try selling them for $39.99 + Free Shipping and maybe target some weird movie interests to land on people who might find these dolls cute enough to buy.

8. DIY Photo Box

DIY photo box gift

Getting a beautiful necklace for your girlfriend is great gift but it won’t be as special as this DIY photo box that actually shows there was some effort and thought behind it.

This photo box isn’t a new product but it’s always one of the best selling ones EVERY Valentine’s Day so far. If you can get your hands on new marketing materials, then nothing is going to stop you from getting sales.

You can try selling this product using photo ads but I strongly recommend video ads, and especially ones where you can see the receiver’s reaction when opening it for the first time.

Review ads work the best for this type of products and you can easily replicate such ads with a simple Fiverr gig. Just make sure you order it in time so you have the video ready a few weeks before Valentine’s Day.

By the way, this product is a great gift for both genders so feel free targeting everyone and not just men.

9. Exploding Surprise DIY Photo Box

exploding DIY photo box

This one comes from the same family of products like the one above, but it has a cool surprise effect which makes it a bit cooler. It also requires less work so you don’t need to own a big photo album to make it work.

You can advertise both this product and the one above as a collection and let people decide which one they prefer. If the gift box seems too much, the smaller one can be a great alternative.

The boxes alone cost about $5 and the seller offers a DIY kit that has stuff like colored pencils and stickers for an additional $5.

This can be a great upsell on your store when selling this product – Not everyone has colored pencils and cute stickers to decorate their gifts(especially men!).

Sell it for $29.99 and offer the DIY kit for $15 as an upsell in your cart page or right after checkout as a one-click upsell.

10. Rose Box With Necklace

Glass rose with necklace

This product is one of the favorites in this list! You have a beautiful gift box with a rose in it and an additional surprise necklace right under it in a cute drawer.

This is like 2 gifts in one and you can choose from plenty of necklaces available on the seller’s page. On top of that, there’s a lost a cute gift bag that also comes with the order.

Even if you don’t like any of the necklaces, the customer can always pick up the box with the rose and place his own jewelry gift later.

I think this product is going to EXPLODE this Valentine’s Day and the best thing about it is that you won’t need a video ad to make it work.

Just get a good high quality photo and run it as it is – With the right product page and the right deal, this product can sell like crazy!

It also looks really high quality so you can price it accordingly and make a good profit.

11. DIY Love Album

DIY Love Album

Another DIY Valentines gift but this time it’s an album with doodles and other cute stuff that will make any girl(or boy) blush with delight.

You can place this product in the same DIY collection as the other DIY products mentioned in this article or market it separately.

My only advice here will be to check with the seller about the Chinese letters just to be sure they aren’t part of the album. You don’t want customers ordering this album and getting upset about all the Chinese letter that can’t be removed.

A photo ad will work best with this product so ask the seller if he has a video ad available with English in it and not Chinese.

If he doesn’t have something like that, then you can always order this product and make your own ads. There’s plenty of time till Valentine’s Day and this one can be a winner so it would be a shame to skip on it 😉

12. Spotify Picture Frame

Spotify Picture Frame

This custom Spotify picture frame popped up on my feed when I was looking for Valentine’s Day products and I just couldn’t ignore it.

I think this one can be a great gift product for young couples and the personalization part makes it a lot better. It’s not only the song that you can customize, but it’s also the favorite personal photo which makes it more special.

For this to work, you’ll have to install a custom field app that will let your customers write their song and attach their picture. Once the order is placed, you’ll have to manually place the order with the details your customers have left.

If you’ll get a big number of sales(and I hope it happens!), you can always hire a VA to do the manual work for you so don’t worry about getting too many orders. Worry about scaling this product and getting even more orders 🙂

This product can also easily sell using a photo ad so you don’t have to wait for a video ad to be ready in order to test it on your store.

The product price on Aliexpress is about $9 including shipping so selling it for $29.99 with Free Shipping will leave you with a nice profit.

There are other similar products to this one the seller is selling so make sure to check them out.

13. Starry Watch For Women

starry watch for women

A beautiful watch that makes a great Valentine’s Gift for women. It’s cheap but at the same time looks high quality enough to be sold for at least $29.99 or even $39.99.

The price on Aliexpress for this watch is about $5 with Free Shipping, and you can find the same watch on apps like CJ, Drophippo and others where they have the same product in their US warehouses.

This means you can ship and deliver this product a lot faster because it’s shipped within the US. There’s a chance this watch is also available in European warehouses so you can sell and deliver it fast in Europe as well.

Also the photos for this product are stunning so you can use them for your ads and test the waters quickly.

14. Women’s Winter Boots

Women's Winter Boots

Who said Valentine’s Day gifts are all about jewelry and roses? Stuff like these women’s winter boots can be a great gift too!

It’s already cold in most countries so something like these boots which are both stylish(I guess?), warm and comfy can be a great gift.

Also there are women out there who buy Valentine’s Day gifts for themselves so you don’t have to just target men when selling these boots.

These sell on Aliexpress for $15 including shipping which gives you plenty of room to profit if you sell them for $39.99 including Free Shipping.

Just make sure you have a size chart on your product page and don’t mix up between European and American size charts.

15. Men’s Fashion Watch

Men's Fashion Watch

Just like the watch for women, this men’s watch can do really well as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s more expensive than the Starry Watch and sells for almost $20 on Aliexpress, so we won’t be able to sell it for a cheap price.

But it definitely gives a super premium vibe so the price won’t really matter.. This watch right here can easily sell for $60 and even more which gives us an insane profit margin.

The marketing material for this product is superb – You have an amazing video you can edit and use for your ads and the photos are looking sharp.

You have everything you need to make this product really explode this Valentine’s Day so get your ads ready to launch this one before anyone else!

16. Personalized Floating Photo Cube

personalized floating photo cube

A really cool product I stumbled upon on Aliexpress which I think can be a great Valentine’s Day gift. This floating photo cube has all the “WOW” effect that can make it really explode with the right ad!

As like with the other personalized product in this article, you’ll have to give your customers the option to upload their pictures on your product page.

This can be easily done with custom field apps and there’s plenty of apps to choose from on the Shopify app store.

You will also need a video ad to sell this product well because of its many features like color switch, music and rotation which can’t be really explained in a single photo ad.

17. Men’s Valentines Gift Box

Men's Valentines Gift Box

After looking for men’s watches on Aliexpress, I got this gift box as suggestions and I think it can do even better than just selling a watch.

Here you get a gift box which can be personalized, different watches and bracelets as a bonus to seal the deal. The presentation is sometimes everything and this gift box just nails it!

And there’s plenty of other men’s gift boxes on Aliexpress – Just take a look at this one:

men's gift box watch, sunglasses and wallet

This men’s gift box is even better than the one above and it only costs about $2 more.

You get a watch, sunglasses and a wallet – If marketed correctly, I can see plenty of women buying these gift boxes for the men in their lives.

You can easily sell these on your store for $49.99 and even more if you find a more luxurious gift box.

18. Valentines Gamer Couple Door Mat

Valentines Gamer Couple Door Mat

Single gamers is a thing of the past! Nowadays there’s plenty of gamers chilling with their other half playing their favorite games together.

So I thought why not look for some kitschy gift for them so I found this awesome gamer door mat which I think can sell really well.

These type of products are also available on POD(Print-on-Demand) platforms so you don’t have to dropship from Aliexpress. You can make your own product like this one and sell it directly to the gamer audience, and usually with better shipping times.

Though in this listing, you have plenty of sizes which aren’t always available on the POD platforms. And sometimes the prices can be cheaper than what you get on these platforms.

Your targeting here will be young couples who are interested in games. Playstation/Xbox related interests, gamer magazines, are good targeting choices to find the right audience who will buy this product.

19. Cute Cat Plush Toy

Cute Cat Plush Toy

As I already said, Valentine’s Day isn’t all about heart shaped gifts and jewelry… Practical gifts like Winter Boots and cute things such as these cat plush toys can do really well too 🙂

You just have to find the right audience, have a good ad and a store ready to receive the traffic and hopefully convert the visitors into actual paying customers.

When I saw these cat plush toys, I thought why not? This could make a great Valentine’s Day gifts for the non-single cat ladies out there.

They also don’t cost that much so you can price them for as low as $29.99 and still make a good profit. And of course, the photos are good enough to be used as ads so it’s even better for us.

20. Maternity Pillows

Maternity Pillow

And we’re back with a VERY practical gift for pregnant women with this U-shaped maternity pillow.

If the woman in your life, who’s also carrying your child, is having hard time to sleep then this pillow is definitely something you want her to have!

This probably won’t be the main Valentine’s Day gift for her, but I reckon men will be sometimes buying more than one gift and this maternity pillow is a great extra gift to have.

Unlike targeting parents with toddlers, targeting women who are pregnant isn’t directly available so we’ll have to be a bit more creative here.

Here are a few targeting suggestions:

  1. Target young married men with toddlers or kids age 1~2 – There’s a chance another baby is on its way and the women is currently pregnant.
  2. Target baby related interests – Baby stores, maternity magazines, and so on…
  3. Target women with toddlers or small children – If she’s pregnant, she’ll tag her husband to get that pillow for her.
  4. Target young men & women married or in a relationship – Somewhere from 22 to 28 and you may land on couples who are currently pregnant.

21. Personalized Name Necklace

personalized name necklace

Another gift that just appears everywhere for important holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.

For this product to work, you’ll have to be really creative and find a new marketing angle or have a really good deal. This product is sold not only by dropshippers but also by huge companies so the competition is crazy.

In order to sell this name necklace, you’ll need to have a custom field on your product page, limited by amount of characters allowed, to quickly allow your customers enter their desired writing and proceed to checkout.

If you can’t think or a really cool ad to sell this product, then I recommend having this product as an upsell on your store. Or as a remarketing type of product where you recommend it to your already existing customers.

If it won’t be your main product, then at least you can make a few more bucks on it with almost no extra spend.

22. Gamer Couples Necklace

Gamer couples necklaces

And to finish it off, here’s another kitschy product for gamer couples.

This gamer couple necklace is pretty neat and I think it can work really well on viral platforms like TikTok or Instagram. TikTok lives of these things so paid ads or Influencer driven traffic can bring you some easy sales here.

When it comes to Instagram, I think the best choice will be only using gaming Influencers because paid ads conversion will be too high to actually stay in profit.

Sell this necklace for $19.99 + Free Shipping and if you find the right Influencers, you may land pretty cheap conversions that will keep you in profit.

For targeting on TikTok, just go with young audience and gamer related interests. That’s it!

To Sum It Up

There’s still time for Valentine’s Day 2022 but you blink and it’s already January.

If you want to sell Valentine’s Day product and make sure they are delivered in time, then start preparing right now so you can launch your ads in the beginning of January.

I hope you liked my product choices and I wish you the best on the next big holiday!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Good Luck!

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    • Hi Queen!
      Well, if you want to know how to dropship from Aliexpress and with other services, then just follow this e-book and our blog & Youtube channel.

      It’s just too much to explain it here and these e-books should guide you through everything in detail 🙂

  1. Hi, please an advice, how can we sell this items from aliexpress if at least until 07 of february nobody is working in China, and it takes at least 10-15 days to ship the product? should we make a stock blindly without testing the product? Thank you

    • There are services out there like Drophippo, CJ Dropshipping, and others that can ship your products much faster and with normal tracking.
      You just ask them to source the product for you, get a quote, and you’re ready to sell using their app.

      Now these dropshipping fulfillment companies have lots of other products from tons of different niches in their warehouses around the world. You can find popular products like the rosy bears in their US & EU warehouses which will let you easily skip the Chinese new years holidays.

      In case they don’t have the product, you can start testing it before the holidays begin and if you see some traction, you can always order some stock and ship it to a warehouse outside of China.
      For example:

      Let’s say you’re selling a Valentine’s Day product which they don’t have in stock outside of China. Your average is 20 units per day and you want to continue selling in February… So instead of stopping your sales, just ask them to ship a couple of hundred units to a warehouse outside of US and you can continue with your sales 🙂

      Hope it helped 🙂

  2. You can’t go wrong with the jewelry, watch and roses. A nice list of items, some of which I have on my drop shipping store. The starry watch has been doing well.

    • You can order it on Aliexpress and put the address of your customer in the shipping details. Or you can always use fulfillment services such as autoDS, CJdropshipping, and others to fulfill your orders automatically and get them sent to your customers with ease.


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