4 Quick Tips To Sell More During Christmas 2021
4 Quick Tips To Sell More During Christmas 2021

Here are four quick tips that will help you land more sales this Christmas.

From store customization to some really important product research tips, this article is a must read if you want to get more sales this Christmas.

And not just during the holidays – Some of these tips are general and will help you to convert your customers better and FASTER.

Make sure to read the whole article because some of these tips are golden!


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1. Christmas Isn’t Just About Gifts…

Christmas gifts

Christmas is a wonderful holiday where people tend to spend a lot more money than usual on buying gifts for their friends and loved ones.

Because of that, many dropshippers tend to look for products that can be sold as gifts and tend to market these products that way as well.

This alone isn’t a mistake but it does limit the amount of products you can potentially sell…

Instead, you should understand that Christmas is about spending money and that any product can be a winner during this season.

Let’s take the product below as an example:

This product isn’t your typical “Christmasy” product – It isn’t really the best product to offer up as a gift, but it’s still a great product that many housewives need. It solves a problem and it’s just in time for the rainy season.

You can sell this product during Christmas without marketing it as a gift and people will still buy because it is needed. And the best thing is not only the good sales you’ll get, it’s also the ability to keep selling this product long after Christmas.

So as a rule, don’t just ignore a product just because it doesn’t appear as a great gift. Remember that any product will be selling better than usual during Christmas, and people will be buying stuff just because they have the extra money to do so.

2. A One-Product Store Can Do Wonders!

one product shopify store

It’s not a secret that one-product stores tend to have a much better conversion rate than general dropshipping stores.

The reason to the higher conversion rate is mostly the branding job which makes a regular product suddenly seem like a premium one. Not only that people are now more likely to buy this product, they’re also good with spending more money for it.

Overall, a one-product store with a good branding work behind it can bring much more sales and net a much bigger profit than if it was a general store.

So what are the downsides?

You’ll have to spend more on a custom logo, a domain name, and on other designs(like custom banners) to make your customers really think that it’s a premium branded product.

It may sound a bit scary and not that inviting, especially if you’re planning to do it alone, but I have the perfect guide that will show you how to do it with minimal costs.

Make sure to check out this video:

It’s a 4-part Youtube video series from Ecomhunt’s CEO Mordechai Arba where he shows you how to create a one-product store from scratch.

Every little detail is covered including the small special tweaks to really increase your store’s conversion rate and make more sales.

So instead of testing dozens of products and selling them on your general dropshipping store, you can take your time and search for that one product that has potential to really explode if it was advertised as a branded product.

This is a gamble but one that can really change your dropshipping game so it’s worth a shot 😉

3. A Bit Of Christmas Cheer To Lift The Spirits

White Christmas Shopify App
Picture from White Christmas Shopify App Page

Almost any business out there, be it a physical or an online one, is doing at least some design changes during Christmas to bring more customers.

You don’t have to be scientist to understand that if you manage to lift up the mood of your customers, they’ll be more willing to spend their money in your store.

If you’re a physical store you’ll have to work a few extra hours on your Christmas decorations, but for online store it’s a few button clicks and you’re good to go.

So take a good look at the available Christmasy Shopify apps, test them, and choose the one that fits you best. And don’t forget to test out the White Christmas app – It’s free.

4. Less Choices = Quicker Sales

Too many choices hurt conversion rates

If you follow our weekly news articles(you definitely should!), you’ve probably seen our article about how having too many choices affects the store’s conversion rate.

Long story short, the article shows a study where it was proved that too many choices can actually hurt your sales and not increase them.

The article cites a study in 2000, where psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper found that shoppers were much more likely to buy when presented with fewer choices. In their research, they offered shoppers in a market 24 different kinds of jam and on a different day only six. While the larger choice of jam attracted more attention, the people who saw the small display were 90% more likely to purchase.

It’s nice to have a big variety of colors/designs available, but it isn’t always the right decision to display them ALL on your store.

Let’s take the all-time popular pet bed product that everyone is selling nowadays:

calming pet bed product

Does it really need to have all these color choices? Is the color really that important for pet owners? We all know the answer to these questions…

Instead of offering 15 color choices, we can just offer 3-4 colors and get done with it. Our customers will choose the color they like much faster and proceed to the checkout.

The next time you import a product from Aliexpress, think about if you really need to import all the variants or not.

To Sum It Up

Christmas isn’t only about gifts and you can sell any product as long as it’s needed. Do your research, customize your store, and don’t just import all the variants from Aliexpress. I hope this article is going to help you land more sales this Christmas!

If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Good Luck!

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