Winning Product #14: Men's Wooden Watch With Full Testing Strategy Using Facebook Ads

This week’s products is this good looking men’s wooden watch.

This watch looks like one of these premium kind wooden watches that sell for at least $80 but we get it for a much cheaper price. And it looks like we have plenty of material to work with – From a high quality product video to some really nice product photos.

We can offer this watch as a gift or just target men who like watches.  Lots of options to target so let’s jump in and see how can we sell this wooden watch with ad examples, selling strategies and more.

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1. Campaign Type & Optimization:

I begin with Website Conversion campaign optimised for Purchase. I don’t care about having zero data and the red color “warnings”. I ALWAYS go with a Website conversion campaign optimised for purchases.

If your ad, targeting and product are good then you will see link clicks followed by actions on your site.

Sometimes, I may choose the “Add to Cart” optimisation and that works too(Sometimes it can even work better than purchase optimisation). Each ad account acts differently and this is something you will have to test for yourself.

Facebook tries to scare us because we’re using a pixel with no data and warns us that we won’t get any sales. This is their way to drive us into choosing a different optimization event to milk even more money from us. They want us to start from View Content optimization and slowly progress to Purchase optimization. And by doing that we will burn a lot of money…

And I usually go with 1 day click conversion window.


2. Number of Adsets & Daily Budget:

I recommend launching 3 to 5 testing adsets per campaign. You should test out different targeting options, different audiences, different ad types and not just launch 5 identical adsets.

Recommended daily budget that I successfully use: $7~$10

I usually go with $8+ budgets.


3. Targeting & Strategy:

We have so many options to target here and this is one of the times when I’m really not sure who should I target… Should I target women and offer this watch as a gift for their partner? Or should I just target men who like watches to buy for themselves? I’ll show you the targeting I chose and another tactic you can use to create some good lookalike audiences.

But in both cases you’ll probably have to spend a bit more than usual to actually hit a profitable audience.

The targeting I chose:

  1. Women(age 18-34) & newly engaged(3m) – Newly engaged women, especially if it’s fresh, are more likely to make emotionally based purchases online. It’s the happiest time of their life and why not surprise their partner with this cool watch?
  2. Men(age 18-34) & luxury watch interests – I chose to target young men who liked all those luxury watch brands on Facebook. Why young men? Probably because they don’t have enough capital to afford $500 watches so our watch with a much lower price tag can do the trick. And our watch comes with a trendy bracelet too so it may appeal more to younger males.
  3. Women(age 25-65+) & Married & have an anniversary soon & like watches – I chose to target married women with an anniversary coming soon who also like all those watch brands on Facebook. I think that if they already like those watch brands on FB then they’re more likely to buy a watch as a gift for their husbands.

Note: I targeted only people from the U.S but don’t forget that we can target Worldwide. You can target European countries like France, Germany, Austria or english speaking countries like UK, AUS, NZ, CA. And you can always just target Worldwide(exclude “bad” countries).

Women(age 18-34) & newly engaged(3m):

Men(age 18-34) & luxury watch interests:

Women(age 25-65+) & Married & have an anniversary soon & like watches:

The second strategy you can try is to create a video ad and launch Video Views or Post Engagement campaign – Our target audience will be men who like watches and we will have to spend enough money to get a good amount of views and engagements to create Lookalike audiences.

Why a video ad and not a photo ad? Because with video ads, we have an option to create custom audiences based on ‘X%’ watched. We can choose to create a custom audience of all the people who watched at least 75% of our video ad and later create a lookalike from that audience. As you already understand, those who watched 75% or more of our video are more likely to be in watches than those who watched only 25%.

So if we get enough views, we can create some powerful lookalike audience. On top of that, we can still use the custom audience and launch some retargeting ads to them and hope for conversions.


4. Ad placements:

I usually start only with Facebook feed but sometimes I mix it up and run it also on Instagram feed. Although if I decide advertising on Instagram then I usually separate and run a new adset only for Instagram users.

It’s just something I prefer doing but in both cases it should still work.

I run ads both on desktop and mobile. For Instagram ads, I target mobile users only.

Note: As you can see in this picture, I attached another “scare tactic” from Facebook that pushes you to basically spend more money by either raising your budget or going for a different optimization event. Do not be scared and run website conversion campaign optimised for purchase even if you have zero pixel data.


5. Ad Type & Copy:

This one seller has it all for us: A great product video and a good amount of high quality photos for us to use. I suggest you create a video ad and a couple of photo ads and test it out. You can test all your ad creatives in 1 adset and later see which one worked best or if you have enough budget, test one creative per adset.

I strongly recommend you create video ads for this watch and not only photo ads. Video ads tend to work really well for watches on Facebook ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the photo ads and ad text examples I created.


1200×1200 photo ad for men who like watches:

1200×1500 photo ad for women with anniversary coming soon:


6. Product Pricing & Selling Strategy:

Setting a price is an important step that if done right will help you keep getting sales with a healthy conversion rate. And if done wrong, your conversion rate is going to suck or you won’t even get any sales.

Product price on aliexpress is $26.21 and it comes with a free epacket shipping or $2.11 shipping price(USPS) if we choose to ship from the US. If you’re going to target US audience, then ship from their US warehouse for shorter shipping times. This means our total price will be $28.3.

For the rest of the world, our total price is $26.21 if the epacket will remain free.

For USA and Worldwide, we should sell this watch for no less than $49.99 and offer Free Shipping. Our profit margin is great($20+) and our customers will have no problem paying $50 for this great watch.

Styles: I would just offer the one you see in all the pictures and it seems like this style is their best seller. You can offer both styles if you want to(it won’t hurt your conversion rate).

Selling Strategy:

We market this watch as a “back in stock and soon to be gone” product. I recommend adding some scarcity features like timer, stock counter, limited stock texts, etc. There are plenty of apps you can install and the one I recommend is Ultimate Sales Boost Shopify app. This app’s free version has exactly what you need and you don’t have to pay a dime ๐Ÿ™‚

Another thing you need is an exit popup – As I already told you, this product will require more budget on testing until we can hit the right audience… An exit popup app will allow us to possibly recover some lost sales. Plenty of exit popup apps, free and paid, you can install. I recommend the Emojix Shopify app because it does a good job at grabbing the customer’s attention.

I wouldn’t recommend offering any upsells or quantity discounts because we want our customers to checkout as quickly as possible. Let’s first get a sale and later we can bring them back using email marketing and other methods ๐Ÿ˜‰


find winning products to dropship


This one has it all – Video, photos and even a US based warehouse with a pretty low shipping price. The product looks amazing and based on the reviews, this wooden watch is perfect for men and should easily sell for the suggested price.

The downside(some will see it as an upside) are the infinite amount of targeting options. If you want to test this product, make sure to do a REALLY good research and try finding the right audience. You may spend a bit more on testing but who knows, maybe you’ll get a sale right away ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you liked this week’s winning product article – Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Good luck!

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    • Well you can but why not just add a few more watches and create a watch store? Or men’s luxury store with watches and some other stuff they may like. It could work tho if you manage to brand this entire watch but that will require some skill

    • $50 isn’t too expensive and it’s not like trying to sell a $100 product but we always recommend starting from something pretty cheap just to get some sales and have an actual feeling of what it’s like to get sales. Shouldn’t be a problem tho if you want to try this watch but be prepared to spend more money.

    • You have a whole section on Facebook about these audiences so before doing anything, check these out and if you still can’t understand then type it on Youtube and you’ll get plenty of results there. Nothing too hard ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Any advice on how to create (effective) video ads? An example for a product like this would be greatly appreciated.
    This part is one of the biggest things stopping me from trying dropshipping… I’m not sure how to go about making creatives…

    • The best advice that I can give you is to learn how to edit videos. I use Camtasia and I remember taking some time off to learn how to use it – Same thing I did when I had 0 knowledge with photoshop and I didn’t want to pay $ for simple designs I could make myself.

      After learning the basics with Camtasia, I found a few viral videos on FB and decided to copy them as practice. It’s not that hard and after some time making videos, you will get used to it and if you’re a bit creative you can make some wonderful videos. This is enough for testing and getting sales.
      When sales are racking up and the product is a winner then of course it’s better to send it to some professionals for better quality videos. So for now, learn how to use Camtasia and copy winning product videos as practice ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Actually, I do know how to edit videos. Basics, anyway. I’m a graphic designer, so Photoshop and static creatives are not much of a problem.
        What I meant was, do you recommend to order one piece for testing and shooting the creative, preparing the ads and only then opening a shop?

        And thank you for your time answering all these questions ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Oh I didn’t get your questions correcly. Sorry about it Mario ๐Ÿ™‚

          And ABSOLUTELY YES! Ordering an item and making your own video ad or video review ad and even filming with your phone, nothing too fancy, can do wonders! I can’t guarantee this is what will bring you sales but genuine looking stuff work well.

          Same as when I sell my POD stuff and suddenly I get a customer who comments that he got his order and he loves it. This is when I jump in and message him to ask for pics. Simple pics with his phone. This works the best for me!


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