TikTok’s parent firm, ByteDance, must sell the company by January 19, 2025, or face a US ban.

The company is suing to avoid the ban. Still, if the site is discontinued, marketers must understand how to reach TikTok consumers on alternative platforms, according to a report by EMarketer.

The first way to reach Gen Zers is on YouTube. According to an EMarketer May forecast, 89.3% of American Gen Zers watch YouTube videos, and 73.3% of US YouTube users watch Shorts. The forecast notes that 71.2% of Gen Zers use TikTok.

The report stated that 58% of US TikTok users would move to Instagram Reels if the app were banned. EMarketer estimates that 143.2 million people in the US use Instagram, while 112.4 million use TikTok.

The report noted that Pinterest has the potential to supplant TikTok after a TikTok ban, with 85.4 million US users this year.


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