A quarter of US consumers are influenced to make purchases by advertisements on retailer websites, according to new Intellias research cited by Search Engine Land.

According to Intellias, more than half of consumers (54%) indicated they would be more likely to purchase items advertised by a trusted store.

Approximately as many (55%) would be more willing to try a new brand they had never purchased before if a retailer they frequent recommended it to them.

“Brands c”n leverage the strong relationships between retailer and consumer to break through the noise and reach consumers where they’re mthey’reely to pay attention. This can help improve campaign effectiveness and boost sales,” according to EMarketer.

This research emphasizes the significance of the consumer-retailer interaction and demonstrates that merchantsmerchants’annels remain an important component of the retail media mix.

According to a forecast by EMarketer, US retail media ad expenditure could increase by 26.0% to $54.85 billion in 2024.


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