Based on data from April 2023 from Ascend2 and Zoominfo, 52% of US B2B marketers say that email marketing has the most significant effect on their multichannel strategy.

This is more than social media (33%) and content marketing (26%).

According to an April 2023 poll from SeQuel Response and ISG, email marketing is the #1 area where US B2B and B2C marketers have raised their direct marketing budget over the past year.

However, according to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer, recent changes from Apple and Google have jeopardized the efficiency of email marketing and forced marketers to determine which indicators are most important.

“Opens are dead for all intents and purposes,” said Ryan Phelan, managing partner at marketing firm RPEOrigin, though they can still suggest directional trends. Instead, marketers should pay attention to click-based behavior.


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