TikTok has messaging functions, yet no one considers TikTok to be a messaging app.

However, the firm’s parent company, ByteDance, is looking for several positions on a team named “TikTok Social,” which looks to be tasked with turning TikTok into a far more powerful messaging system, reported Axios.

According to sources at TikTok, there is worry that users are posting TikTok films externally on other social media and messaging applications when they wish to discuss them with friends.

In posts for positions for Android and iOS engineers in San Jose, California, TikTok says it is looking to build a platform that “enables users to meet and interact with their real-life friends seamlessly on TikTok and encourage them to share their life moments with each other and stay connected regardless of where they are.”

While TikTok presently supports direct texting, its usefulness is limited.


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