From 2023 to 2025, US programmatic video ad spending will increase by $22.51 billion, or 30.2%, according to a forecast of Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.

Programmatic video overtook non-video ad expenditure in the United States for the first time last year. Ad spend on programmatic video ads hit $64.17 billion, while non-video programmatic ad spend fell marginally to $58.14 billion.

The key driver of the shift toward video programmatic ad spend is connected TV.

According to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer, mobile will receive most US programmatic video ad spend this year, accounting for 63.5% of total spend.

In addition, social video is a significant driver of programmatic video ad spend as social video will climb 12.5% this year to account for 41.5% of all video ad expenditure.


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