YouTube Shorts continues to compete with TikTok by incorporating many of the latter app’s most popular features.

On Tuesday, the Google-owned platform introduced a narration voiceover function for iOS, a tool that is already popular on TikTok, reported TechCrunch. Narration is used by creators to add commentary to previously recorded videos.

After filming a video, tap the checkmark button in the bottom right of the camera screen to use voiceovers on Shorts. Then, tap the voiceover option, choose where you want to begin your voiceover, hit record, and then adjust the volume if necessary.

YouTube Shorts recently added another TikTok-inspired iOS feature: the option to respond to comments with a video. TikTok launched this feature in 2020, while Instagram followed suit in December.

In related news, Shorts creators will be allowed to earn ad money from their content for the first time.


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