Top 5 Best Selling Product Categories In Summer 2022
Top 5 Best Selling Product Categories In Summer 2022

Summer Time is almost upon us and there are plenty of opportunities for us dropshippers to make some money.

When the hot season comes, a lot of dormant product categories that didn’t work so well during Winter wake up and begin to trend like crazy.

And if you happen to know which product category trends the most, the task of finding a winning product to sell during Summer will be much easier!

Fortunately for you, you are part of the Ecomhunt Family so I decided to help you with finding winning products to sell this Summer 2022.

First of all, we’ll start from an overview of the top 5 product categories that sell the best during Summer. And once we have these categories in place, I will also recommend winning products for each of the categories.

So not only that you get the exact categories to research this Summer, you’ll also get plenty of product recommendations as well.

And on top of that, you’ll also get Pro selling tips, targeting suggestions, and much more!

Make sure to read the whole article and choose the category + product that fits your dropshipping business the best.

Happy selling!

find winning products to dropship

1. Pet Grooming Accessories

Pet Grooming Accessories

For humans, Summer mostly brings good times and overall a better mood. I guess it’s the same for our pets, but with a small surprise which is called the “Shedding Season”.

If you’re a pet owner, then you surely know what I’m talking about it. There’s fur EVERYWHERE!

It’s on our clothes, in our morning coffee, inside our work bag… Like I said, it’s everywhere in the house and it also follows us outside.

On top of that, some pets, like big dogs, don’t like the heat so much and it requires pet owners to do some shaving to help them cool off a bit.

So this means that for us dropshippers, no matter if we own pets or not, there’s money to be made by selling pet grooming products.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of pet grooming products we can dropship:

From simple brushes to remove fur from different surfaces and clothes

aliexpress lint remover

To high-quality electric fur clippers for pets

aliexpress hair clippers

A simple search on Aliexpress will bring you hundreds of results, so it won’t be a problem for you to choose one product and start testing it.

But here at Ecomhunt, we really want you to succeed so here are a few products I personally recommend selling in this category:

The Self-cleaning Fur and Hair Remover:

This bad boy removes unwanted pet fur from any surface and with a small twist the product will be ready to continue collecting more hair.

When you twist the product, all the hair you just collected fall into a small container so you don’t have to clean it manually. And when it’s full, you just empty the container and attach it back up.

A nifty little device a lot of pet owners will truly appreciate!

And as a bonus, here’s a video ad of this product I found on Facebook:

Self-cleaning Fur and Hair Remover Facebook video ad

I chose to share this Facebook ad with you because I think it’s pretty well made. Check it out, learn from it, and try to make a better video ad if you decide to test this product.

The second pet grooming product I would recommend is this awesome dog shampoo brush:

Shampoo brush for dogs

It’s super easy to use and I bet a lot of dog owners are going to LOVE this product. On top of that, there’s a good chance they’ll be looking to buy more than one piece, so setting up good quantity discounts could increase your AOV(Average Order Value).

Overall washing tools for dogs are really popular during the Summer and I recommend doing some research on Aliexpress.

Last year, we had plenty of winning products in this category so it’s highly likely one of the past product that exploded in the past will explode in sales once again this Summer.

2. Summer Shoes For Men & Women

summer shoes aliexpress 2022

Summer is almost here and it’s getting hotter and hotter outside every day. While with clothing you just need to take off a few layers and you’re good to go, with shoes it’s a different story…

You can’t walk during the hot season wearing your Winter shoes, so you have no option but to retrieve your old Summer shoes or buy new ones.

And those who buy new shoes every Summer will become our targeting audience this Summer 😉

For this to work and for you to actually make some money dropshipping shoes, you’ll have to:

  • Find a good pair of Summer shoes to sell
  • Have some strategy in place

Luckily for you, I’m going to help you with that by recommending you a winning product you can sell and give you some useful selling tips.

The product:

Summer shoes for women Ecomhunt

I found these shoes on Ecomhunt and I think they’re going to be a big hit this Summer! They’re comfortable, pretty stylish, and exactly what women will be looking for this Summer.

Based on the comments the Facebook ad received, these are most popular amongst older women whose work require quite a bit of standing.

Note: The Facebook ad link is located in Ecomhunt’s product page link section.

If you want to dropship these shoes, here are a few Pro tips to help you with that:

  • Target older women – As I told you already, these are more popular with older ladies so start by targeting women aged 35 years and above.
  • Offer less colors than what’s available – Some Aliexpress sellers have these shoes in almost 10 colors but it really isn’t necessary to offer them all. Help your customers decide faster by offering the 3 to 5 color options to increase your store’s conversion rate.
  • Target women with specific jobs – Targeting a broad audience is fine, but it’s always better to target those who need your product the most. For example: Nurses spend A LOT of time on their feet so there’s a higher chance they’ll be more prone to buy these shoes than other women.
  • Create a good video ad – If you look at the linked Facebook video ad, you’ll notice that it’s extremely basic. Still, that didn’t stop the ad from bringing in a good amount of engagement. This only means that women really like this product and with a good video ad you should expect much better results.
  • Adjust your ads to your target audience – If you decide on targeting Nurses, then you can increase your ad CTR(Click Through Rate) by adding a footage of an exhausted nurse walking. Connect with your target audience through your ad and you will definitely get better results!

Make sure to check out the shoes on Ecomhunt to get the Facebook video ad link, the store link, additional targeting suggestions and more.

And don’t forget that men also need Summer shoes so you don’t have to look only for Womens shoes. Even though Women shop more for shoes, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target men and look for Mens shoes.

Sometimes it’s even better to do so as there will probably be less competition 😉

3. Swimming Pool & Outdoor Water Toys and Gadgets

Aliexpress Swimming Pool & Outdoor Water Toys and Gadgets

Summer and Water – Name a better duo than these two.

Nothing beats going to the beach or visiting your local pool during the Summer. Or if you’re lucky enough, you may have your own private pool which is an absolute blast!

But we humans are never satisfied so we invent stuff to make things less boring, and that’s where water toys & gadgets come into play.

During the Summer, people are going to look for cool water toys & gadgets and it’s our job to help them discover them. And, of course, to eventually sell them these water toys & gadets.

And to help you sell them these water toys & gadgets, I’m going to recommend not 1, not 2 but 3 winning products!

1. Outdoor Floating Water Hammock

Outdoor Floating Water Hammock Ecomhunt

This awesome water hammock was doing really well last Summer and I believe it will do even better numbers this year. The pandemic is almost over(hopefully) and people can finally relax a bit.

You can take this water hammock anywhere with you as it doesn’t take much space, so it can easily become one of the favorite things to take with you on Summer vacations.

The price on Aliexpress isn’t too expensive so there’s plenty of room for a good profit margin to be made.

2. Dog Water Fountain

Dog Water Fountain Ecomhunt

Humans are not the only ones who deserve to have some fun during the Summer, so I made sure to add a product for our best fur buddies as well.

This dog water fountain is a really awesome product with a sole purpose – To cool off and to entertain man’s best friend.

This product isn’t cheap so don’t expect selling this product for $30… But it does guarantee hours of fun for the dogs so I don’t see the price stopping people from buying this product.

Make sure to check out the Facebook ad linked to this product and try making something similar or even upgrade it if you like. This product has the potential to bring you REALLY big profits so it’s worth testing it out!

3. Powerful Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Pool Vacuum Cleaner Ecomhunt

For the lucky ones who own a private pool, this product may come in handy.

This pool vacuum cleaner is a thing plenty of private pool owners are soon going to need. It’s compact, gets the job done, and will be needed for future daily maintenances during the Summer.

The engagement this product ad received on Facebook was really good with plenty of people looking to buy it. This was last year so for this year I expect it to really explode!

On top of that, this product has that premium look so it won’t be a problem to sell it for a good price. It definitely has the potential to make you more than $30 in profit for each sale.

4. Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories Aliexpress

The whole Travel accessories niche is BOOMING as we speak and I believe it will continue to do so at least till the end of the year.

This horrendous pandemic is finally behind us and people everywhere are booking overseas vacations in huge numbers. I can see it in my country, in Europe, and in USA so there’s plenty of people for us to target.

Now all we need is a good winning product to dropship to make us some bank!

For this product category, I’m going to recommend 1 winning product and give you targeting suggestions. The targeting suggestions will be both for the product I’m about to recommend and general for the Travel niche.

The product:


This car safety seat for pets is an amazing product for people who are about to travel by car and need to take their pet with them.

It can be both for a road trip vacation or for casual trips, it doesn’t really matter for us… As long as this product solves a problem, we can advertise it for both.

This product has an inside harness to help secure your dog or cat and it comes in different styles and sizes. Overall a great product for pet owners to have.

You can easily sell this product for $49.99 or even $59.99 and get yourself a really nice profit. And trust me here, pet owners will have no problem paying this price.


Facebook ads targeting dog owners travel

For this product, you can go with regular dog/cat interests and keep it broad OR choose the option you see in the picture above where I mix both Dog interests and Travel interests.

With the targeting above, we can find people who do road trips and own a dog. If we target them and show them this product, they might just need it enough to buy it.

And if you mix it up with more dog interests, like small dog breeds, you may find exactly the audience you’re looking for.


We have to consider the max-size of this product – This product is for smaller dogs so mix it up with small dog breeds to get the audience that truly needs this product.

Travel targeting(general):

frequent travelers facebook ads targeting

Facebook was kind enough to have a few interests we can use to find exactly the audience we need. In Behaviors(Travel), we can find frequent travelers that, as the name suggests, travel frequently.

We can choose to go with the regular interest or with the international one. For this example, I decided to layer them down which will bring out the REAL travelers.

On top of these interests, you can also use the Frequent-flyer program interest. And don’t forget about all the booking & hotel companies which are also targetable.

5. Summer Kitchen Accessories & Gadgets

Summer Kitchen Gadgets Aliexpress

Ice cream, popsicles, cocktails, and more are an absolute delight during the Summer. You can also drink/eat these during the Winter but the feeling just isn’t the same.

So with Summer approaching us fast, we can expect a big rise in sales of all these DIY Summer kitchen gadgets.

Fortunately for us, we have our best friend Aliexpress who has TONS of these products ready for us to pick up and dropship right away.

But how do we know if a product is actually going to sell? The answer: We don’t…

So now we basically have only 2 options:

  • We either choose a product from Aliexpress, do our own research, test it and hope for sales.
  • Or we let Ecomhunt do the heavy lifting for us and get us an actual proven to sell product.

Personally, I prefer the second option which is letting Ecomhunt do the hard work for me.

And to make it easier for you, here are a few winning products in the Kitchen Summer Accessories you can dropship:

1. Fruit Ice Cream Machine

Fruit Ice Cream Machine Ecomhunt

A really cool product with many variations available on Aliexpress that can turn your frozen fruits into ice-cream. I’ll leave you to research exactly how it works, but you can agree with me that this product can be a real hit this Summer!

And like I said, there are PLENTY of variations of this product on Aliexpress. You don’t have to stick to this exact Fruit ice cream machine, so feel free to research for a bit more and maybe you’ll find a much better version than this one.

Aliexpress sellers always upgrade their inventory so it’s possible to find an updated version of the same product which not many have tried dropshipping yet.

2. DIY Ice Pops Mold

DIY Ice Pops Mold

A great DIY product to have this Summer to create custom popsicles. The DIY Ice Pops Mold kit can sell especially well to parents with small children.

This can be a great little activity with the kids preparing these cute popsicles so targeting parents can be a great choice for your ads.

This product is pretty cheap and this means that you can play a bit by offering bundles or quantity discounts. Adding different molds as an upsell or offering an extra package for a discounted price.

Use these tricks to increase your AOV and to make more profit!

3. Skull Ice Cubes


A super cool product for men(and women too I guess) that made some crazy numbers for years on Facebook. It may not be your typical “summer kitchen accessory” product, but it can still rock during this hot season!

The Facebook ad for the Skull Ice Cubes product had insane engagement with plenty of people wanting to get one.

skull ice cubes Facebook ad

Million of views and thousands of comments is enough to understand that this product is a hit. If you take this product and upgrade the ad(which shouldn’t be hard), you can possibly revive this product this Summer and make some bank!

To Sum It Up

If you want to make money dropshipping this Summer, then now’s the time to get to work!

Choose a category you like the most, pick a winning product, prepare some good video/photo ads and start selling.

People are slowly entering the “Summer mood” so don’t wait for July to launch these products.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Good Luck!

Struggling to find good products to sell? Not sure who’s your target audience? Tired of losing money on products you were sure were “winners”?

Then Ecomhunt is what you need! Find hot winning products that are added daily, spy on their ads & stores and import them into your store in 1 click and Start Selling Today!


  1. Hi Daniel I would like a product to sell for months that I have been looking for I am really undecided, I had tried previously without results, he recommends me some winning product

    • Some of the products in this article can be sold for months so they’re not just seasonal.
      And sometimes, a 1-2 months is more than enough to make a killing dropshipping a single product, so don’t waste too much time thinking and get straight into the action!

      Good luck 🙂

  2. Hi sir, I start this dropshipping business from last year august. i spent one lakh on this business. but i got 10 orders only. i am unable to find winning product for US market. please help me to find winning for us market.

    • Hi prasad!

      The reasons of you failing in this business can be numerous – From a half-baked store to not so engaging ads that simply fail at grabbing your target audience attention(and there’s of course many more…).
      So before continuing and jumping to the next product, I would suggest you talk to our online consultant so at least you can understand where the problem comes from.
      He can guide you through the obstacles and if you put in the work, You’ll definitely see real results.

      Now about the products for the US market…
      Any product can fit the US market and there isn’t really a “type” of products that work only in US. You have to choose a good product to see based on REAL data and market it there.

  3. boa noite, hoje eu conheci a EcomHunt e estou amando a pesquiza. com certeza ja faz parte minha vida, obrigado


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